Five Of The Best Makeup Brush Holders

make upFor a woman, a makeup kit is most essential and it is needed at all times. Getting into the makeup can be quite tricky sometimes as it can be lost in a handbag or in some drawer of a table.

The best way to sort out makeup is to keep it visible at all times and within reach. Mentioned here are some of the best ways to store the brushes of any makeup kit. These makeup brush holders are some of the most efficient ways to store these easily misplaced items.

Best Makeup Brush Holders

The Mason Wall Storage and Jars

The Mason wall storage is an easy and effective way to keep your brushes together and easily accessible. All it requires is a plank of wood and a couple of metal rings to hold either glass or plastic jars. These jars are perfect for storing brushes or Q-tips and other makeup related material. These jars can be small enough to store makeup or large enough to keep the accessories for the makeup.

Glass or Plastic Jars

An ordinary glass jar or a plastic container can be transformed into an effective storage space for makeup brushes and other material. These simple jars can be filled with sand or tiny pebbles to hold the material in place.

plastic brush holder

They can be decorated, or painted to make them look even better. Place them on a dressing table and they look wonderful. These jars are cheap and can be purchased from any glass or plastic shop.

Bucket Holder

Yes, buckets can be used for holding makeup brushes as well. It is an innovative and creative method for storage and they look very trendy on a dressing table. A simple plastic bucket can be changed into something so fashionable and used as something so useful. These buckets are the new trend in storage for makeup brushes and are available in many delicate colors. These buckets are perfect for small items that can easily get misplaced.

Leather Pouch

This is another very efficient way of storing brushes and is easily stored in a purse or handbag as well. These pouches can carry brushes and the pouch can be rolled up and stored in a bag easily.

leather pouch

It is a brilliant method of storage and is super easy to carry around. They are durable as they are made of leather and can be available in many sizes and colors. They come with sturdy straps to tie the pouch firmly.

Custom Made Box

This is something that is most common in all homes and can be found on all dressing tables. If you cannot find a proper makeup brush holder that you fancy, you can always make one yourself. The design and color combinations are all up to you so that you get exactly what you want. Find a small box and paint it yourself, or get some fancy stickers and stick them on the box to add a bit of “you” to the holder.

These wonderful storage kits are perfect for any woman who is need for a place to store their brushes. Since these brushes are tiny, they can be misplaced quite easily and they are not too cheap to purchase constantly. These are the best ways to store these brushes safely and effectively. Whether it’s a fancy designer holder or a simple pouch or hand made box, having a storage box is very essential.