Five Prom Short Hairstyles

Prom night is much awaited night in every teenager’s life. Every girl dreams an unique personality, a different look and an elegant hairstyle with stunning outfit.

However, prom short hairstyle is a major concern for most of the females. No doubt that the best prom hairstyle complements your outfit, personality and mood of the night. There are certain prom short hairstyles such as:

Short Hairstyles For Prom

Vintage Inspired Retro Style

It is a classic hairstyle choice, and is perfect for an overall vintage look. It gives a curly look, and its tight curls at the ends combined with beautiful waves on the top.

vintage hairstyle1

It works best with all face shapes as well as both traditional and modern outfits. It is easy to manage, and is not time consuming. Hair accessories are the ideal choice to enhance hair style look. Retro prom short hairstyle is extremely popular these days.

Sedu Hairstyle

These days it is one of the favorite hairstyles with teenage girls. It can be formal, natural or vintage sedu prom hairstyle. This hairstyle simply implies that natural beauty.

sedu hairstyle

If you are looking for simple and sober look then it is the best choice. It is easy to make. It is either a loss or a straight hair with curls that showcases the wearer face. It is an elegant hairstyle for prom night.

Braid Special Prom

Braiding is evergreen hairstyle choice throughout the year. There are a plenty of braid hairstyles available to choose from. No doubt braid complements with all types of outfits.

short braided hairstyle

It is great for short, medium as well as long length hair. There are many braiding choices such as ribbon braid, fishtail braid, micro braid etc. In terms of prom short hairstyles, it is an ideal choice. All length hair looks beautiful and stylish with braiding. Different styles are available for short hairs with braid.

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Spunky Punk

Teenagers have a great craze for spunky punk hairstyle as it gives a funky and modern look. If you do not want a soft or pretty look then it is the best choice.

spunky punk style

Rock your hair with a smooth and simple hairstyle, and a few spiky on back. It works best with brown shades and striking against bold colors. It is an ideal choice for working women as it is easy and simple to make.


It is a unique hairstyle which will give you a new look. Ultra-mod hairstyle has curls on the sides and top, and fullness in the back. It will look good on oval, round and subtle face shapes. It gives a smooth and shiny look as well as textured fullness in the back. It stays for hours. It complements with formal and casual dresses. Use multiple products such as hair accessories, gel, spray etc to achieve different looks.

ultra mod

To look beautiful and attractive become quite easy just by choosing a right hairstyle. A good hairstyle is key to accentuate the personality. All the above mentioned hairstyles are the ideal choice for short hair. You can choose any hairstyle according to your taste in terms of outfit, color etc.