Five Risks During Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational DiabetesGestational diabetes is a condition which is experienced by women during their pregnancy. It is suffered by women who have not been diagnosed with diabetes earlier but they exhibit high blood glucose levels during their pregnancy. This usually happens when the insulin receptors of the expecting woman’s body do not function properly.

Gestational diabetes has a few symptoms. These symptoms can be detected very commonly while the screening for pregnancy is done. This is most commonly experienced by women in their third trimester of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is said to be a natural phenomenon. There are a few risks attached to the babies born to the women suffering gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Birth defects

Many babies born to mothers having gestational diabetes suffer birth defects. This is usually when the pregnancy is in its early stages. Many babies suffer defects in the major organs like heart and brain. Babies are born with birth defects and have to live with it throughout their life time.


This happens during the early stage of pregnancy. Miscarriage is the expulsion of the fetus from the womb of the mother before it is able to survive independently. Miscarriage usually happens during the first trimester as its risk is higher during the first three months of pregnancy.

Overgrowth of the Baby

Overgrowth of the baby takes place when the diabetes of the expecting woman leads to over nutrition of the baby. It such cases there is an excess growth of the baby.

Overgrowth of the Baby


Usually large babies have to be delivered through a cesarean as a normal delivery is not recommended for them. Having a large baby also increases the risk during labor and delivery of the baby.

Low sugar levels in the blood of the baby

The sugar levels in the blood of the baby can drop very low after birth. This happens because the baby does not receive high blood sugar from the mother. This happens when there is an overdose of nutrition for the baby. This is called hyperinsulinemia.


There are chances of a baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes to have jaundice. This baby can have jaundice soon after birth. For this the baby is to be kept under special care and observation.

These are the few problems that a baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes may suffer.  Gestational diabetes imposes risk on both the mother and the child. It is equally important for the expecting mother to take proper care and follow the advice of her doctor. It is very important for the expecting mother to keep her sugar levels in control.

Any woman who has previously had a miscarriage or a still birth has a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. It is not necessary that a baby has to have problems if he or she is being born to a mother who has gestational diabetes. If proper care is taken and the required treatment is undertaken a mother with gestational diabetes can also a have a baby without any complications.

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