Five Sure-Shot Tips To Survive Break Up

Five Sure-Shot Tips To Survive Break Up

Five Sure-Shot Tips To Survive Break Up A relationship in which you have invested your heart and soul is always difficult to move on from. It is not a simple task to uproot someone from your mind, your thoughts, your daily schedule and your life. You become used to a daily routine which centers around your partner, when in a relationship. You beome habituated, and sometimes even addicted, to having him in your life.

It is not easy to remember to not call him, to not text him for every little thing you want to share, to not seek his help or opinion, to not worry about him. It is simply not easy to un-love a person after having being with them for a considerable period of time. As a matter of fact, even if you parted with him on hostile terms, even if you are glad that you broke off with him – adjusting to a life without him is still going to be tough.

However, that it is tough does not make it impossible. A break-up is an emotional upheaval and requires great exhibition of internal strength and will power to be survived.

Tips to Survive Break Up

Here are five sureshot tips that can help you get over a past relationship and start life anew and refreshed –

Believe In Your Strength To Survive

The first and the most important step to not let a break up take its toll on you,is to be convinced that you are not so weak to be defeated and depressed over one heartbreak. Believe in yourself, your mental strength and your ability to fight off adversities. Do not wallow in self-pity. Do not picture yourself as a dependent and vulnerable person who cannot survive without a man. Do not let yourself even doubt that you may not be able to move on.

Be optimistic, confident and certain that you will survive with happiness and hope. Believing in your own survival spirit gives you a psychological boost up and ensures that you do not end up in bouts of depression. Contrarily, if you are already convinced internally, that you simply cannot live without your ex, there is a definite chance that you don’t even try hard enough!

Put An End To The Past

Depending on whether you have had an amicable break up or a hostile one, try to end a chapter of your life or destroy the past, respectively. If you have had a bad break up, erase souvenirs from the past. Break off contact from him and never attempt to call or text, whatever might be the level of your temptation. Delete his number, his past messages, and everything that reminds you of him and revives painful memories.

Five Sure-Shot Tips To Survive Break Up

Return his gifts and cards and avoid going to places that you used to frequent as a couple, for a reasonable period of time. However,that does not imply that you harbor a grudge against him, permanently. If you do not forgive him, you will not be able to forget him. So, make conscious efforts to rid yourself of any negative emotions directed towards him because it will help you feel lighter and enable you to forget him.

But if you have parted ways on amiable terms, there is no need to try to erase the past. Instead, try to treasure it and move forward. Whatever be the case, attempt to put an end to the past and move forward with mental equanimity u and happiness.

Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself with everything that makes you happy, and your heart is bound to respond positively. Indulge in your favorite food, your favorite games, your favorite travel destinations, your favorite movies, or your favorite books,etc. This will not only help you forget about your recent unpleasant experiences and memories, but will also make you happier and rejuvenate your mental health.

Very often people tend to put themselves through a series of questions, doubts and judgments post a break-up. They try to find their faults, analyze where they went wrong, and almost always end up taking the blame on themselves. This leads to unhappiness, under confidence, low spirits and sometimes, even suicidal tendencies.

This is the reason why it is important to pamper yourself. Unless you feel a basic comfort and happiness in your own skin, unless you love yourself, you cannot move on. You will keep on replaying incidents from the past and dissecting them for mistakes. Only if you pamper yourself, believe in yourself and make yourself happy, will you be able to move on.

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Do not turn into a socialization phobic. Do not start avoiding people. Do not neglect friends who try to help you. Do not become averse to people from the opposite sex or to romantic associations with them. Often , either out of sadness or out of shame, people try to avoid socializing after breaking up. They are unable bring themselves upto it. They do not wish to meet people who want to sympathize or cheer them up. They especially tend to avoid meeting the opposite sex. They lose interest in dating anybody.

Five Sure-Shot Tips To Survive Break Up

Save yourself from falling into this trap. Do not shut doors on the world to try to heal your wounds yourself. Good company speedens the process of moving on after a break up. It not only distracts your from things of your past, that may disturb you, but also makes you happier and increases your ability to look forward and hope for brighter things.

Revive Your Spiritual/Religious Self

Revive your spiritutal or religious self because that gives you mental strength to be able to cope up with the emotional fall-outs of abruptly distancing yourself from your ex partner. You could join Yoga or meditation classes, read religious or spiritutal texts, go for vacations to peace inducing places, etc.

It is important to allow your religious and spiritual side to take over and heal your heartsores, after any negative experience in life. Same is true for a break-up. Such efforts allow you to regain your mental peace and tranquility. Follow the aforementioned tips and you will be able to start, refreshed and rejuvinated, in no time!