Five Types of Skin Melanoma

melamonasMelanomas originate from melanocytes of normal skin causing a mole or acting directly onto a pre-existing mole. Normally, an individual’s chances of developing melanoma hinge on two sets of factors: inherent and ecological.

Inherent factors take in family medical history and the type of genes inherited. On the other hand, the most important ecological factor is extreme exposure to the sun. There are five types of melanoma discussed in the article.

Types Of Skin Melanoma 

Superficial Melanoma

Superficial melanoma is easily the most widespread type of melanoma. It accounts for nearly 75% of all melanoma cases. Young people are more commonly seen to be affected by it. It grows on the topmost layers of the skin as the name would suggest.

superficial melanoma

It spreads superficially on the skin for quite a long period of time before infiltrating deeper into the skin. It can be located almost on any part of the body but most commonly detected in the legs and the upper back region

Nodular Melanoma

It is another common type of melanoma in humans and is associated with damaged skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun. White skin does not get tanned in such a case but gets red causing burning and flaking as well as bumps. Many patients also get pale hair and light-toned eyes. This type of melanoma can be seen on the scalp, ears and neck, but can also be located in other parts of the body such as the limbs.

Lentigo Melanoma

The second most common type of melanoma is lentigo melanoma. It is also seen more frequently in white skin but not always reddened. Freckles from sun damage can be noticed on the face.

lentigo melanoma

It can be located on the face, the edge of the ears, scalp and lips, particularly the lower lip when more exposed to the sun. In many cases it becomes more aggressive and is called lentigo maligna melanoma.

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma

This form of melanoma is also known to spread cursorily before permeating at a deeper level. It is very dissimilar to the others, however, as it typically shows up as a dark discoloration below the nails or somewhere on the foot or the hand. This kind of melanoma is occasionally found on dark people too, and in such cases it can advance more rapidly than superficial melanoma. It is found least among Caucasians and more in Asians and Africans.

Malignant Melanoma

This malignant form of skin tumor is more serious because of the ability of the cells to detach from the source, travel through the lymph vessels or blood vessels and lodge in the lymph or in different organs (metastasis).

malignant melanoma

It originates in the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the pigment which allows tanning and determines the characteristic colors of ethnicities and races on the planet. Some people have an increased risk of getting melanoma: those with very white skin which never tans, and those with a large number of moles.

Treatment of melanoma must be carried out as early as possible after its detection. In early stages, the melanoma can be successfully removed by surgery.

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