5 Updo Hair Styles For Long Hair

No girl is ready to go out until her hair is done properly. A girl’s make up is never finished until her hair is not styled. A girl’s look largely depends on her hairstyle. It can either spoil her look or enhance it. It all depends on the hairstyle she has chosen. A hairstyle should go well with a girl’s facial cut and features.

Hair Styles

It should complement them well. There are many hairstyles a girl can opt for. Girls with long hair have a variety of options to choose from for a hair updo. These days many girls are choosing to do a hair updo. There are many options from which a girl can choose her hair style. It is also easier to handle. A girl can make her hair updo stylish in many ways. It also looks smart and elegant. Many girls often make a style statement by carrying off a hair updo differently.

Easy Updo Hair Styles for Long Hair

Hair Updo With A Hair Stick

A hair stick is a pointed device which holds a girl’s hair. It is straight in nature. A hair stick comes in many sizes; a girl can choose one depending on the length and volume of her hair. Hair sticks come in simple designs as well s elaborate one. A girl can opt for one which she feels is best suited for the occasion.

Hair sticks are available in plain colors and with elaborate designs on them. One can opt for hair sticks which have designs from stones or the ones with feathers or flowers. These are the latest and go well with most of the attires. Hair sticks hold up a girl’s hair which gives a very elegant and neat appearance.

Hair Stick

Hair Updo With A Beehive

A girl’s beehive hair style resembles a bee’s beehive. It is simple to make and at the same time it is very intimidating. A beehive can be done either for the entire length of hair or just the front area. If the hair is done in a beehive hair style just for the front area, then it can be pulled up to a pony tail from the back or can be made to a bun. This can be done in many styles like, a high or low pony, a high or low bun, a side pony or bun etc. These can be embellished with nice simple or dressy clips which are available in plenty in the markets today. For a bun a girl can use a nice hair brooch to give it a classic yet stylish look.


Hair Updo With A Tiara

A tiara is an ornament which is worn in the front area of a girl’s hair. It is of the shape of a crown and does also resemble one. A girl can wear a tiara with either a bun or pony tail. A tiara is a very girly accessory and looks very elegant and classy.

It is one of those hair accessories which instantly catch an onlooker’s attention. A girl’s hair can be styled differently from the front area to give the tiara a different look. A hair updo with tiara is sure to set a lot of eyes on you and many heads to turn around.


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Hair Updo With Flowers

Flowers are probably the most simplest and natural hair accessory. The beauty of a flower cannot be achieved by any other hair accessory. A girl can embellish her hair with either natural or artificial flowers. She can pin up her hair in various different ways to put her flower differently. A flower can be put on a bun or a pony tail also. It is for a girl to decide that which look of a flower she wants and which suits the best. A girl should at least once do her hair updo with a flower.


Hair Updo For A Retro Look

A retro look is one which was done by people years or decades back. It is one of the most stylish looks today. A girl can but a headband with a pony or use ribbons on her hair updo to get a retro look. A girl can also curl her hair to ringlets to give a retro look. a girl can pull up her hair and just leave a few curled strands loose from the sides. Al these help in achieving a retro look with the help of a girl’s hair. A retro look gives a very chic look and is unbeatable.

With so many different hair updos, a girl should definitely opt for one the next time she does a hair updo. These are very stylish and look very good on a girl. Choose which suits you the best and the one you can carry with utmost ease. Most importantly choose a hairstyle which complements your personality the best. Also, remember to choose a hairstyle which uses the length of your hair in the best possible manner.

Retro Look