Five Winter Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

winter makeup tipsWomen, it seems, cannot live without three things: clothes, shoes and makeup. Jewelry comes as a close second but that is another story. It becomes really hard when someone who loves makeup suffers from dry skin.

It is a horrible feeling when you spend time decking yourself up, only to find that the makeup you had so lovingly put on have turned to flakes. Even worse, is to look down at your palms and find that your skin is getting chapped. You can avoid all that, if you just follow our winter makeup tips for dry skin.

Best Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Moisturize As Much As You Can

You have heard this before, and we will tell it to you again: there is no substitute for moisturizing during the bitter winter reason.


Sure the weather ensures that you have rosy cheeks, but at the cost of chapped skin. Never! We suggest that you add a little moisturizer to the foundation, and then apply it evenly on your face and neck. Seal this off with a light compact. Now, you can enjoy a hassle free life.

Go for Almond Oil Massages

Oil massages have helped us to maintain healthy and glowing skin. During winter, it is advisable to apply almond oil as it would ensure that your skin does not dry.


Going in for the almond oil massage you are making sure that your skin is properly nourished even during the bitter, cold winter. The added bonus is that your makeup will not affect your dry skin. You can deck yourself up for work, for party or even both to your heart’s content.

Switch to Liquid Eye Liner

No, we don’t mean you have to go on a liquid diet. We are merely suggesting that if you are a fan of pencil eyeliners, you need to shelf that at least during the winter.

black liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners work the best for people with dry skin. The pencil makeup has a tendency to flake which no one looks forward to. We also strongly recommend that you use cleansing lotion on a cotton swab and remove all your makeup before going to sleep every night.

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Find Cream Based Makeup

Experts have come to the conclusion that those who have dry skin should only use the creamy products during the winter.

Liquid foundation

So if you are unfortunate enough to have dry skin, we strongly advise you to purchase creamy foundation, blush and eye shadow, along with a makeup brush set. Using the products with hands would create the opposite effect of what you have in mind. The brushes would help you create the perfect look.

Say ‘No’ To Dry Lips

Our lips have a tendency to get chapped at the first sign of winter. Purchase a good lip balm and make sure you apply this every time your lips begin to feel dry. Applying a colorless lip gloss helps nourish your lips and makes you look beautiful. One of the old world remedy to help prevent chapped lips was to apply mustard oil in one’s navel, as well as the nails of your big toes.

lip balm

Does it really work? Well, you can only find that out if you try. Winter is a time for fashion with the frock coats, the cute caps and the high boots. Do not let a simple thing like dry skin from preventing you to apply makeup. Follow these simple tips, and stay beautiful.