Flatter Your Body Type With Sexy Bikinis For Women

Body Type With Sexy Bikinis For Women

Body Type With Sexy Bikinis For WomenSummers are not too far away and if you have a beach holiday coming up too, then you would definitely need to do some shopping for the same. Looking good is such an important thing for a woman. You cannot hit the beach wearing pyjamas and wearing shorts is fine but every woman wants to flaunt a bikini on the beach to grab some attention. There are innumerable types of bikinis for women that you will find in the arcade.

If you are wondering what type of bikini you should buy, then you need not worry because we will guide you right. We know how it is like when a girl is confused what to wear on a beach considering she is of a certain body type.

Also, wearing too many clothes on the beach will be amusing and the whole concept of going on a beach holiday is to beat the heat – so, why not wear a sexy bikini? Here are the types of bikinis for women you can go for according to your personal style and body type.

Types Of Bikinis For Women

Halter Bikini tops with Tie bottom

Women with an hourglass figure can sport a halter bikini top with a mix and match bottom which suits the top. You get such amazing prints in the stores these days. Even online stores have such good options for women when it comes to halter bikinis.

Flatter Your Body Type With Sexy Bikinis

As for the bottom, you can go for a tie bottom which can be tied up from the sides. This mix and match looks really sexy as you can flaunt your perfect body in it. You can choose a printed bikini top too especially the ones with hearts and stripes. Plain and simple looks hot too!

Triangle Bikini Tops And String Bottom

Triangle bikini tops are best paired with string bottoms which are also more like tie bottoms. This bikini looks best on triangle-shaped girls because their main focus is to emphasize the upper part of the body.

Once you pair up triangle bikini tops with string bottoms, it will make a triangle shape on your body which will flatter all your right curves. Also, it will streamline your bottom half which will give a very nice look. So, you should definitely go for it!

Tube Bikini Tops And Boy Shorts

We are not talking about the actual boy’s shorts. These boy shirts are specifically for girls and look really sexy with bikini tops. You can pair it u with a tube bikini top and show off your arms and neck.
Types Of Bikinis For Women
If you have a big bust, then you should avoid a tube bikini top but boy shorts usually look great with halter bikini tops and triangle tops too. Boy shorts and tube bikini top together looks fabulous and you can always wear some chunky accessories with it.

Frilly Bikini Top With a Frilly Bottom

You can go for a frilly bikini top with a frilly bottom because that will make you feel really sexy. Frilly detailing around the bust will make you look busty. Also, it looks very feminine. Your man will completely fall in love all over again with you because frills look really sexy on every woman.
Make sure you choose soft colours such as peach, white, baby pink or light yellow because that will bring out the feminine side of you. If you have a small bust, then you need not worry because frilly bikini tops will solve your problems and put an end to your worries.

High-Waist Bikini Bottom And Supported Bikini Top

High-waist bikini will cover up your belly fat and the supported bikini top with an under-wire will support your big bust. A lot of women skip wearing bikinis thinking that they will look too fat because bikini is all about skin-showing. If you think so, then it is completely wrong. Every woman has a special body type and so, the designers have something for everyone.

 Bikinis For Women
You can wear high-waist bikini bottoms so that you do not have to feel shy because that will cover up your protruding tummy. As for the bust, if you have heavy busts, then you can always go for the bikini tops with under-wire because that will give them support and will hold them in place.

Such combinations will make you look slimmer so that you do not have to worry about hiding your flab on the tummy or the heavy and big busts. You can always tie a sarong to hide the thighs if they are too heavy. So, buy the right bikini to flatter your body type. Summers are round the corner, so you might as well step out for shopping before the heat becomes unbearable. Happy Shopping!