Floral Bath Preparations at Home

Floral baths are said to enhance the beauty of a person. They help tone the skin and the fragrances are supposed to open the pores and help the skin breathe properly too.

A simple floral bath usually have red rose, white rose, jasmine, purple orchid, lily, cananga, lotus and michelia. These flowers have a strong scent and when these are added to the bath, it can be an experience that will help refresh both the body and the mind. The strong yet sweet smells of these flowers blot out the usual and help you relax in your bath.

Soak yourself in the bath for about 15 minutes. To prepare these flowers for the bath, keep them in an ember filled with water and out in the sun. Let them be outside for about three to four hours till they seem to wilt. Then put them in warm bath water.

Another floral bath preparation requires vinegar. To prepare the ingredients, first you need to fill a sterilized mason jar with assorted fresh flowers and leaves. You can choose all or a few amongst fresh rosemary, lemon balm, germanium leaves, lavender and rose petals. Fill the jar half full with these flowers and then pour cider vinegar till the jar is full. Cover the lid and shake the jar well and put it outside in a sunny location.

Shake and swirl the contents daily. After 10 days, filter the vinegar out and mix it in an equal volume of distilled water and refrigerate. This mixture can be used in the bath and will help clean the skin and give it that cool feeling along with the right aroma when you soak yourself during hot summer days.

Also, there is an olive oil bath for which you need to prepare a healthy mixture. Put lavender, marigold, and pansies into a jar along with pierced vitamin capsules. Add heated olive oil to the fill the jar and leave it all in the sun for 2 weeks. Extract the olive oil and add two to three table spoons in the bath. This bath will help moisturize the skin, and help treat stretch marks on the skin as well.