6 Food That Cure Cough

6 Food That Cure Cough

Cough can be extremely discomforting.A lot of people experience cough all round the year.There can be a lot of reasons behind persistent cough. There are plenty of cough medicines available in the market but most of these fail to cure it effectively. It tends to come back in few days.

Some tried and tested remedies work best for cough.But more than that a lot of foods help in curing cough too. They say you become what you eat. It is true! When you eat right, you feel right.Here are the top 6 foods that cure cough.

Diet Treatment To Cure Cough

Onions And Sugar

This may sound repelling but it sure helps in curing cough.You would need two medium-sized onions.Slice the onions and take it in a pan. Now add at least half a cup of sugar to onions.

onion juice

Set the pan on gas stove and let it heat for sometime.Wait for thirty minutes and then take it off the heat.After it cools off, you will get clear syrup kind of liquid. Take one spoon at an interval of 4-5 hours everyday.This remedy takes time to cure but it is really helpful if one is patient with it.


You may either consume raw ginger or add it to your tea everyday.Ginger has been known since ages as a great remedy for treating cough. It helps release the cough in the body and prevents further formation of cough.Make sure you wash the ginger clean before consuming it.

ginger 1

Vitamin C Fruits

Vitamin C-rich fruits help relieve congestion in the chest.So make sure you eat loads of citrus fruits because they help ease cough out. But avoid adding sugar to your fruits because sugar further helps in bacterial multiplication. So avoid canned fruits that are sweetened Gorge on oranges,strawberries and all other citrus fruits.

vitamin c

Spicy Food

Spicy food also helps in curing cough.This is because chillies have a good amount of vitamin C in them. This Vitamin C in turn helps cure cough by easing it out.

spicy food

Another great way of alleviating cough is by adding black pepper in your diet. Black pepper reduces cough and gives your body warmth.So it is really good for treating cough.

Hot Milk With Honey Or Ginger

Drink at least a glass of warm milk.Add some honey to it and gulp it down.You may also add ginger to this and drink at least once a day.

honey milk ginger

This helps in creating a good defence against bacteria and hence strengthens immune system.Hot milk and honey together help soothe the throat and ginger releases cough.It makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Vitamin A, B And E

These vitamins are very good for treating cough naturally.Vitamin A, B and E are extremely important. Sweet potatoes, carrots,leafy green vegetables, oats,legumes, avocado, beef, spinach, nuts, broccoli,bell peppers and wheat are some of the foods that are rich in vitamin A, B and E. Make sure you include these in your diet every single day to treat cough easily.

vitamin a.,b,c