Food to Avoid With Gerd

GerdThere might be situations where food and diet might help you with the treatment of health ailments and problems, but on the other hand you should not avoid the fact that there are certain food categories that can also aggravate a particular situation. Foods might be one of the most simple and effective natural cures that can help you in the solution for health crises but then knowing which ones to exclude are equally important.

Talking about health issues, gerd is one of the quite common ones that you might have to face in your lifetime. Also, there are quite a few foods that should be stayed away from until and unless the problem subsides completely.This guide below is to help you know about the foods that should be avoided when you are suffering from gerd. Check them out and prevent yourself from eating them:

Food To Avoid With Gerd

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lime and lemon should be totally avoided as it can lead to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also irritate the mucosa.

Citrus Fruits

Try and keep them totally away from the diet until you get freedom from GERD. Grapefruit is also one of the avoidable foods along with pineapples.

Caffeine And Coffee

Coffee and any other caffeinated drinks like tea and sodas are some of the foods and drinks that you should totally avoid if you are having reflux diseases of the gastro intestinal tract.



One of the many other foods that is a big no when suffering from GERD is onion. Keep away all forms of onions from the diet including cooked as well as raw versions. This will help you in preventing any issues that can be otherwise aggravated in this situation.

Spicy And Fatty Foods

A category of foods that you should totally avoid includes spicy as well as fatty foods. Herein, greasy and fried foods are also included in the list of avoidable foods. Full fat dairy products should be substituted with low fat products. Where spicy foods are concerned try and stay away from black chilly powder, chilly powder and all the other additives like jalapenos and cayenne pepper.

Mexican, Indian and Thai cuisines that are known for its high levels of spice should not be eaten until you get a permanent treatment.Saturated fats like that in cookies, candies, cakes and bakery items should be avoided as well. Butter, ghee and oils should be kept under control as well.

Acidic Foods

Acid creating foods will only aggravate the reflux issues and diseases. Herein, you should totally keep away from acidic foods in case of GERD.

Acidic Foods

Tomatoes or any dishes made from them and potatoes and cranberries are some of the examples of acidic foods apart from citrus ones that should be prevented in the meals.

Processed Foods

Avoid processed foods like processed meats, flour products, processed and canned fruits or any other such options. These can definitely have a negative effect on the GERD issues.


Peppermint candies or any beverages that has peppermint as one of the ingredients should be totally avoided in case of GERD.

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