5 Foods for Gout Relief

5 Foods for Gout Relief

Gout is one type of arthritis that leads to various problems, such as, intense pain, swelling, inflammation in the joints and redness.The main reason behind gout attack is increase of uric acids in kidneys and joints.

When the level of uric acids increases excessively, it may lead to gout attack. Studies have proved that the right diet plays an important role in the treatment of gout and for this reason, if you are suffering from gout, you should opt for the right foods.Here are some foods you should consider for controlling gout.

Foods for Gout Relief

Whole Grains

For controlling gout, including whole grains in your diet plan can be a good idea.This is because whole grains are rich in magnesium as well as fiber, which are effective in reducing gout.


For best results, avoid white breads, pastas and high sugar cereals. Instead, switch to 100% whole grain breads, brown rice, rye, and oats.

Vegetables and Fruits that Contain Low Amounts of Oxalate

If you are suffering from gout, choose fruits and vegetables that contain reduced amounts of oxalate. This is because oxalate-a substance that is present naturally in certain plant can intensify the problem of gout.For staying on the safe side, opt for fruits that contain amounts of oxalate.

fruits and vegitables

Examples of such fruits are cherry, grapes, prunes, plumes, and berries. If you love vegetables, choose those that are rich in anti oxidants. Such vegetables can include summer squash, asparagus, peppers, beans, watercress, corn and celery.

Good Fats

It is important to include good fats in your diet, if you are suffering from gout. Foods that contain healthy fats maintain the normal cholesterol levels in your body and encourage you to enjoy optimum wellness.

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Since gout suffers are advised against eating seafood and meat, you should go for plant based healthy fats for providing your body with necessary nourishment.Examples of plant based healthy fats include avocado, canola and olive oil.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Low fat dairy products can be a good option for people suffering from gout.Studies have proved this fact as well. One study published in the renowned health journal-New England Journal of Medicine stated that low fat yogurt, calcium and cheese have helped men in reducing the symptoms of gout by almost 50%.

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Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Opting for a protein-rich diet is important because protein helps in the growth and repair of muscles, providing your body with sufficient energy, and helping in implementing cognitive functioning.As stated earlier, gout suffers should not opt for meat or eggs.

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So, for including protein in your diet, it is best to go for vegetarian sources of protein, such as, tofu, soybean, peas, lentils, legumes and beans. If you love rice, choose brown rice.Combining brown rice with tofu or soybean will provide your body with good nutrition and help you in enjoying relief from gout.

It is important to understand that if you are suffering from gout, paying attention to the foods you eat is important. This is because while the right foods can help you to minimize gout, the wrong ones can aggravate it. So, be careful about what you eat.