Foods That Cure Yeast Infections

yeast infectionOne of the popular misconceptions about yeast infection is that it occurs exclusively in women. However, the truth is that anyone can suffer from yeast infection – men as well as women.

Symptoms of yeast infection in most cases include vaginal discharge, patches in the mouth and rashes. While medical treatment of yeast infection is highly recommended, you should also opt for certain foods that would help you to get rid of this unwanted infection. Learn more.

Best Diet To Cure Yeast Infections


Yogurt is probably the best food for controlling yeast infections. Apart from the fact that yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium, it also contains probiotics. Probiotics refer to good bacteria that reduce yeast infection and promotes positive well-being in general.


Furthermore, many people suffer from regular infections and opt for antibiotics for controlling these infections. This in turn, increases the risk of contracting yeast infections. For best results, go for plain yogurt. Avoid the flavored ones because they are high in sugar. If you find plain yogurt too bland, use some nuts or fresh fruit pieces for increasing the taste.


If you suffer from yeast infections quite often, chances are high that you are eating limited amounts of protein. Several studies have proved that people who eat too less protein are often prone to experiencing yeast infections.


For best results, choose fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, lake trout and sardines because they are rich sources of Omega-3, which are healthy fats. Apart from protecting your body from various diseases, Omega-3 acids also help in controlling inflammation that is usually associated with inflammation. In case you do not like fish, switch to lean meats.

Fruits And Vegetables High In Vitamin C

According to one report published by the University Of Maryland Medical Center, lack of vitamin C often increases the chance of infections. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet can be the best way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from yeast infections.

vitamin c

Examples can include citrus fruits, mango, papaya, cherries, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, sprouts, and squash. For getting maximum nutrition, choosing fruits and vegetables that come in different colors can be a good idea.



Garlic has been traditionally used for boosting immunity system of the bodyand protecting it from various diseases. Furthermore, garlic is an anti fungal food and therefore, incorporating it in your diet plan will help you to control yeast infections. Apart from garlic, you can also opt for other spices that include sage, cinnamon and cloves.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in antioxidants and excellent sources of fiber. Studies have proved that including whole grains in the eating plan can reduce chances of inflammation and other symptoms associated with yeast infection. Examples of whole grains include brown rice, barley, whole wheat and wild rice.

whole grains

Apart from these above mentioned foods, you can also use extra virgin olive oil for preparing your dishes. Olive oil is an excellent source of fatty acids and can help you in controlling yeast infections.

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