Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tired of trying every other trick in the book to lose weight? If yes, then the truth is that you haven’t been trying hard enough. And you are not alone here. Almost all of us spend huge amounts of money on gym sessions, aerobic classes, weight loss treatments and fat reducing products with few or no benefits.

But do we ever realize that in our endeavor to lose weight, we simply skip certain options that could just be what we were looking for all this while.

Foods to Lose Weight

Almost all of us would be synonymous with the decision that weight reduction requires a definite change in diet with at least a major portion of the foods being excluded on a daily basis. Some of us even tend to skip meals completely in order to lose weight. However, how many of us know that there are in fact a good number of foods that can help us lose weight. Surprised? Well read on to find more!


Did you know that eggs are better contenders for a nutritious breakfast than other options like breads, bagel or buns? Eggs contain plenty of proteins that help to fill your stomach faster in addition to preventing blood sugar level spikes which are considered as the main culprits of untimely food cravings.

Since the protein would take time to get digested, you would feel full for longer periods and hence stop snacking in between meals. And if you do that, there’s no telling how much weight you would lose in a short period of time.

Olive Oil

Full of monounsaturated fat, olive oil is the best option when it comes to choosing a food that would provide your body with the necessary amount of fat it needs on daily basis without necessarily adding on extra kilos.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Half an ounce of olive oil a day mixed in salads, bread dips or even milk can help boost body metabolism as well, thereby helping the body burn plenty of calories in the process.

Beans and Other Greens

Beans contain a substance called cholecystokinin which aids in weight loss by suppressing the appetite, thereby curbing sudden hunger pangs which could lead to snacking in between meals. Beans and other vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc. contain high amounts of fiber as well which can keep you full for longer periods, keep a check on your cholesterol levels and effectively curb sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels.

Cereals (High Fiber Variety)

A bowl of high fiber cereals in the morning would surely fill your stomach faster and keep it that way for hours on end. Eating high fiber cereals for breakfast would also kick start your body metabolism and keep it revved up the entire day.

Green Tea

Did you know that certain antioxidants like catechins are very good contributors of weight loss? And if you want to know where to find them, all you need to do is walk over to the nearest store and buy a few packets of green tea.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Loaded with antioxidants, mainly catechins, green tea can help you lose plenty of weight quickly and effectively. The catechins present in the tea help to burn fat stores and prevent the formation of new ones by boosting body metabolism and digestion. A cup of green tea a day can also keep your cholesterol levels balanced and reduce your BMI.

Lean Meats

Lean Meat, especially lean beef is loaded with an amino acid called leucine which can help your reduce weight quickly. In addition to getting rid of the fat depositories in the body, the substance would successfully help you lose weight without compromising on your muscle mass. The high protein content in lean meats would also keep you full for longer periods.


This fruit contains substances called phytochemicals which help keep your insulin levels at bay. They prevent sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels, thereby curbing the hunger pangs that follow these spikes. A glass of grapefruit juice three times a day would do wonders for your body. Alternatively, you can also opt to eat half a grapefruit before your meals for desirable results.


Even though they can increase your calorie count if you tend to keep on eating them, a handful of nuts a day can surprisingly keep you off other foods in between meals.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Stuffed with plenty of proteins and fibers, nuts can take hours to digest and so can keep you full in the process. But remember, only a handful. Any more than that and you would start gaining weight instead of losing it.

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These are considered as the best options to refrain from stuffing yourself at meals. An assortment of green vegetables tossed into a salad can be a wholesome if not stuffing appetizer that would fill you up to the extent that you would cut down on the main course significantly. Research has also shown that salads contain plenty of folic acids, carotenoids, Vitamin C, Vitmain E and lycopene that in addition to helping you lose weight, would keep you safe from illnesses and diseases.


A small amount of vinegar added to the foods that you cook on a daily basis can help you reduce weight. How you ask? Vinegar contains a substance called acetic acid which slows down the movement of food from your stomach to the small intestine. This would in turn cause the stomach to retain the food for longer period, thereby making you feel stuffed.

And so, you would not feel like eating more during meals or snacking in between them. Vinegar is also known to potentially curb sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels which may trigger sudden hunger pangs or food cravings.


Even though it is considered as a light meal, tofu can surprisingly make you full faster and keep you that way for a long time. The secret?

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Tofu contains a natural appetite suppressing protein that can take longer hours to digest, thereby making your stomach feel stuffed and in no mood to take in more food.

Red Pepper

A sprinkle of red pepper on the foods that you cook can help fight off sudden hunger pangs in addition to keeping you full for longer periods. Red pepper contains a substance called capsaicin which acts as a natural appetite suppressant and hence keeps you from digging into food frequently.