Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During PregnancyA healthy and balanced diet is essential for everyone, but it becomes extremely important for women who are expecting. The needs of the child should be fulfilled to make sure that proper development takes place.

From vitamins to minerals and all the other essential nutrients are required by the body in good amounts during the pregnancy period. Also, there are some food items that should be totally avoided during this phase as it can be harmful on the child. Here is a simple list of items that you should totally keep away from when pregnant-

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Raw Meat/Eggs

Some uncooked foods that are necessary to keep away from include raw meat as well as raw eggs.Make sure sea food or poultry and beef are properly cooked before eating. Raw ones can lead to serious contamination.

Raw Meat Eggs

Raw eggs or any dish with raw eggs should completely be stayed away from. There are a lot ofpacked foods like mayonnaise, salad dressings and even homemade ice creams use raw eggs in the recipe. Salmonella is the infection that can be caused by the consumption of the above mentioned foods.

Fruits That Are A “No-no”

There are certain fruits that should not be eaten during pregnancy. Though fruits have a high content of vitamins and minerals, papaya, pineapples and grapes are not recommended at all. Where papayas are concerned, unripe ones can be really harmful as compared to rips ones that are excellent for the body.

On the other hand pineapples can also lead to ear labor like papayas and should be avoided.Pineapple juice can also lead to situations like diarrhea! Grapes have a high heating content and should not be eaten during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is among those items that should be totally ignored during pregnancy. Pre natal development of the baby can be really damaged by alcohol consumption.

Fish and Fish Products

Fish is again one of those foods that are not recommended during pregnancy, especially the ones that have a high level of mercury in it. Some of them include sword fish, mackerel and shark. Fishes straight from lakes and rivers have good level of pollutants and should not be eaten.

Fish and Fish Products


Foods and drinks that have caffeine content should not be included in the diet chart for pregnant women. Researches show high caffeine intake can lead to serious problems like miscarriages especially during the first trimester. Premature birth and low weight are some other issues connected with caffeine.

No Unpasteurized Milk/Cheese

Cheese and unpasteurized milk are some food items that will do no good to a pregnant woman. Food poisoning can be caused with the same and good amounts can also lead to fatality of the baby.

High Sugar Content Foods

High sugar content is something that professionals consult to avoid during pregnancy. So make sure you have a good control on such food products.

High Sugar Content Foods

Refined Flour

Refined flour a.k.a. maida is quite a detrimental food item that one should not consume during those 9 critical months! These are some of the top foods that are completely unfavorable for pregnant women!