Foot Care At Home

Foot Care At Home

It is said that a lady with supple feet is a pinnacle of beauty. Well even a late realization would help provided it’s a realization, to be more careful about beautiful feet.

Skin is skin, delicate tissues, either of face or foot. One needs to take care of it regularly to maintain its suppleness and colour. Since it belongs to feet, we tend to ignore them as they are not noticed by everyone. They are always exposed and when we touch them, we realize how worn out they are.

All said here are some tips to take care of your feet and the worn out skin.

The skin is most of the time rough as it is dead and withered and so does the pigmentation occur. To get rid of the old dead skin, use a corn cutter after washing your feet in warm water of shampoo and hydrogen. Use an almond scrub on foot so that the skin becomes soft before you cut the corns and callus. When the skin is removed, apply an oil based cream and wear socks after fifteen minutes.

Use a corn cutter after washing your feet in warm water

You may do this twice a month. When bathing please do not use a scrapper or pumice stone. Remember nothing hard for your skin as hardened surface creates hardness on the skin. Instead use a soft sponge or a loofah sponge to scrub the dirt out every day. You have to apply lukewarm coconut oil if your skin is too dry or cream on the feet every night.

Coconut And Grapefruit Oil

Let your nails be without paint at least once a week. So that it gets some breathing space, without the chemical of hardener or paint. Always use Acetate as a nail paint remover, Acetone harms the skin. Do bleach your toes, if need be by rubbing fresh juicy lemon.


Always keep your feet and toes moisturized. Also wear stocking socks so that you do not get shoe bite marks, which look indecent. Wear comfortable footwear, even at home. Use a medicated skin cream if you have developed cracks. Healing them is a priority and then care for the heels.

Always keep your feet and toes moisturized

If you are going out in sun, apply medicated skin talc on the feet to avoid sweating and itching due to dust. Keep changing footwear, from flats to heels, as this would be good for your veins and hip muscle as well as your feet. Keep a foot massage spa at home. Once a week treat yourself to this electronic acupressure spa for 30- 45 minutes.

Keep changing footwear

It has all the sensitive nerve points which causes relaxes and rejuvenates your feet as well as leg. It is nothing less than a foot massage. You may also use lukewarm lemon grass oil or almond or virgin olive oil in between for rehydrating massage on your shin and calf. Soft gentle movements on at the center and sides of shin will definitely make a difference. Let each nerve and muscle be touched gently, so that you get a ticklish feeling. Remember no harshness please.

Foot Massage

To clean the dust, use a multi nail cutter to remove the dust. Do not force anything in the skin, as you may bleed. Use a filer to shape the nails and a buffer to buff the dead skin, so that the nail shines. Use plastic tweezers to remove the side skin of the nails. Always wash your home products with an antiseptic, so that proper hygiene is maintained. Be healthy and be happy.

Use a multi nail cutter to remove the dust

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