Foot Care Routine

pedicureTaking care of your feet needs to become a regular part of your daily routine. You feet might not seem to have much purpose other than to help you stand upright and provide you with a place to keep shoes, but if your feet aren’t properly taken care of, the rest of your body will start to suffer.

Even a small, seemingly insignificant wound on your foot can change the way you walk and stand. The sudden change in gait puts a different kind of pressure on your hips, knees, and spine. If the change continues long enough it will start to impact your digestive health, trigger headaches, and start to cause you stress. The best way to prevent all of this from happening is to simply take good care of your feet.

Remove the Calluses

Feet are prone to callusing. Back when everyone dwelled in caves and walked around barefoot, the calluses protected the person’s foot from cuts and bruises, but we live in civilized times and where shoes have rendered the calluses useless. To prevent calluses from forming you should wear properly fitted shoes and thick, clean socks.

In addition to wearing the proper footwear, you should regularly use a pumice stone on the bottom of your feet. The grinding of the stone will remove dead skin and keep the soles of your feet nice and soft.

Soak Your Feet

Treat your feet to a foot bath. Fill a basin with warm water and mix in some lavender or palm spring salts. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes to help the muscles and tendons to relax.

Dry Your Entire Foot

When you are finished soaking your feet, or are getting out of the shower make sure you dry your entire foot, including in between each of your toes. Not drying between your toes makes your feet more susceptible to fungal infections like athletes foot.


Apply good quality moisturizing cream to your foot every single day. When you are rubbing the lotion into your foot make sure you really massage the muscles, in addition to helping the muscles relax, the massage will improve the your blood circulation in your feet. Don’t forget to massage the front of your ankle and your Achilles tendon.