Forget Stilettos…Go Sneakers!

sneakersWhile many people see the sneaker as the lowliest of the shoe life-forms, it actually plays a critical role in most people’s life.  We all have shoes, and probably too many of them, that look great, but feel terrible.  What do we put on the minute we get home? The sneaker.  There are a myriad of sneaker styles available today for every (well, almost every) occasion from a simple hike to a serious work out.  Read on for more information about this essential footwear.

Casual sneakers have come a long way since the basic Keds we grew up with.  Shoe technology has made them breathable, shock absorbent, with a removable extra cushion and super circulation elements.  They are super comfortable and they are stylish enough to go most places. 

You can get leather, suede, canvas, or microfiber sneakers.  Some are just for “kicking around”, and some are designed for specific endeavors.  You can get sneakers designed for walking, jogging, and hiking. Most closets have at least one pair of these sneakers.

Sneakers for the Dance

A fairly recent innovation is dance sneakers.  And it’s a real gift to the serious dancer.  Dynamic Resistance Technology uses lightweight leather and mesh to create a flexible, comfortable dance