Four Best Hairstyles for Senior Prom

Senior proms are the best occasion when you can show your sense of style and fashion. You need to have everything perfect from be it your dress, or your makeup or your hairstyle. Everything needs to be up to the mark. For a senior prom you need to have a hairstyle which looks good on you and reflects your personality.

Your hairstyle shall be fashionable yet elegant. Many people are in a fix as to how they can get both in one particular hairstyle. There are a number of hairstyles which can help you in getting both of these together. Some of the hairstyles which you can do for a senior prom, which will make you look pretty and elegant, are mentioned below.

Four Best Hairstyles for Senior Prom 

French Fishtail Braid

A French fishtail braid is one of the most chic hairstyles a girl can opt for. It looks simple and elegant. It gives a very smooth and soft look. French fishtail braid is very much recommended for those girls who want a simple and tried and tested hairstyles.

French Fishtail Braid

You can make the braid looking a little elaborate by adding a few hair accessories like pins, flowers and a few fancy hair accessories. You must always remember that while you opt for this hairstyle; remember that it should be done very neatly. If it looks untidy then the actual show of the hairstyle will not be visible.


A bun is one of the simplest hairstyles that you can opt for. It is an easy hair updo. You do not have to worry about your hair once it is done. A girl can be totally carefree once her hair is done to a bun.

bun for prom

You can add a few hair accessories like small clips, flowers etc. to make your bun look more attractive and appealing. A bun is a very elegant hairstyle ; you can make variations by doing a side bun also.


Curls can be done in various different ways. You can get a different curls hairstyle every time. They look very classy and elegant. You can get a half curl for your hair or full curls. They will never let you down.

Curls for prom

If you want to get a neater appearance pin up your hair or make a ponytail if you are flaunting half curls. Remember to pin up your hair properly and with utmost care. Take special care of your curls so that they do not get spoiled in the process of pining up your hair.

Loose Hair 

It is one of the best, simplest and the most natural hairstyle that a person can have. It is the best way to flaunt the length of your hair. You can embellish your hair with fancy hair accessories or just add a different color hair streak to it.

Loose Hair

You can add a nice clip to your hair for a stunning natural updo. So, you can definitely try this hairstyle if you do not want to go for something elaborate.

A person shall always remember to do the hairstyle in which she is the most comfortable in. She will always look the best in what she is comfortable. Elegant hairstyles always make you look more attractive and pleasing. So, a girl shall definitely try it for a senior prom.