Four Exercises For Stomach

Exercises For StomachThe muscles in and around your stomach area are the most difficult to be kept in shape. Many of us have the toughest time when we workout for them. We have the most difficult time when we are training our stomach.

Many of us realize that even though we have lost excess fat from our body our stomach still needs care and needs to be trained. There still exists a lot of fat that needs to be burnt from the stomach area. There are a number of exercises that a person can do to lose weight from the stomach area.

Best Exercises For Stomach

Sit Ups

These are the best exercises that a person can do for reducing his or her tummy. The correct way of doing this by lying on the floor or a mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Your hands should be beneath your head.

Sit Ups

Now you tighten your abs area and lift up your head and shoulders of the ground. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then get back to your lying down position. Remember that your feet shall be on the floor all this while. Repeat the same procedure at least ten to fifteen times.

Shot Put

This is similar to the shot put that you might have done in your physical education classes in school. You need to stand with your feet apart and your right hand elbow bent near the ear. Your left arm should be out at shoulder level. You need to lunge with right leg and push off right foot to left and extend your right arm as if you are throwing a ball.

Shot Put

This is exactly the way you threw the ball for shot put. You can repeat this fifteen to twenty times every time taking alternate sides.

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Squat Jump

This is a very common exercise done by people to reduce tummy fat. You need to take the position of doing a squat and then jump keeping your hands up straight. You can repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times.



Crunches are similar to sit ups. You need to inhale as you lift up your head and shoulders and exhale as you go back to your original position. Make sure you do this correctly as you may have neck pain if you do it incorrectly.

You can reduce excess tummy fat if you work out regularly for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Remember that exercising will always help you to reduce you excess belly fat. Always do you exercises correctly. If you need help keep a trainer or consult a physiotherapist but do not do your exercises incorrectly.

Many people have an extremely hard time losing excess tummy or stomach fat. The muscles present in this area of the body are very difficult to train and bought to a perfect shape. Along with exercising also remember to eat right and not very fattening food. Remember your food habits will also help you in reducing the excess fat that you have in your stomach area.