Four Home Remedies For Hair

Hair CareA girl’s hair plays a very important part in her life. She has a bad mood if her hair does not look nice or if she is having a bad hair day. A person cannot keep running to the beauty parlors or salons every single day to get hair treatment done just because her hair is not the way she wants. It is very important to take care of your hair naturally by using simple home remedies.

At our respective houses our kitchens are filled with a variety of home remedy products that can definitely help our hair look better and the way we desire it to look. It is always a very good option to take care of your hair using home remedies as they contain no chemicals which can have side effects on application. You can get the best treatments for your hair using home remedies. There are a number of options which can be used by us for treating our hair with the help of home remedies.

Top Four Home Remedies For Hair

Eating Well

The main key to achieving a natural and unmatched look for your appearance, hair etc. is by eating well. Eating well helps your body in various ways. It is possibly one of the best natural ways which works well for your hair too.

If you want your hair to grow faster, look good, bouncy, silky and strong then you need to supply it with the necessary nutrients that it requires. Right nutrient intake is very important for your hair growth and it also helps in making your hair smoother and silky.

Eating Well

A person shall intake the right quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and proteins. Vitamins are essential for a smooth, silky and most importantly a healthy hair. You need to add proteins, carrots, spinach etc. to your daily diet for faster growth of your hair.

Maintaining healthy eating habits and the right intake of nutrients are very important for your hair also. So, make sure you consume nutrient containing healthy food which will make the quality of your hair much better.


A lot of people apply yoghurt on their hair. It is said that if you apply yoghurt on your hair it will definitely improve the quality of your hair. Application of yoghurt on your scalp and hair is said to be a very effective home remedy for growth of your hair, reduction of dandruff, making your hair smoother etc. You shall apply yoghurt and leave it on your hair and scalp for about twenty minutes to thirty minutes.


A person can also add two to three drops of lemon juice to the yoghurt you will apply on your hair. This is a very effective remedy for hair growth. You can also leave the yoghurt out in the sun before applying it. A person shall apply yoghurt at least once in four to six weeks. You will see the difference in the quality of your hair very soon.


Application of oil is one of the oldest and the most popular ways of taking care of your hair. You can also apply hot oil on your hair as it is one of the most effective hair growth remedies which can be done at home.

A hot oil massage once a week is just perfect if you want to grow your hair. You can use any oil to do a hot oil massage for your hair. Different varieties of oils like coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, grape seed oil etc. are available in the market.


You can us any of these for an oil massage for your hair. You can also mix two different kinds of oil and apply it on your head too. Warm oil improves the blood circulation in your head and this is a very good point for your hair growth. This hot oil massage is beneficial for your for other reasons like controlling hair loss, dandruff control etc.

It must be remembered that you shall keep the oil in your hair for at least forty five to sixty minutes before washing your hair off the oil. You can also apply oil on your head at night and wash it the next morning. Make this your weekly habit and you will see a drastic change in your hair quality in just a few weeks.

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Drinking Water

Water is one of the best natural resources that we have been blessed with. It is a solution for practically all the problems that we face relating to health, beauty etc. It has numerous benefits and can be afforded by all. It is possibly the best medicine that we have today. Water is very essential for hair growth, hair shine, volume of hair, silkiness and smoothness of hair etc.

A person shall drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Water helps in keeping our hair well conditioned and well moisturized. Both of these are very important for hair growth. So, make sure you drink the right quantity of water every day.

Drinking Water

The best solution to your hair problems is available at your home. If you try these methods you will not feel the need to use chemicals and other artificial products which are available in markets in plenty.

These home remedies mostly give positive results and improve your hair for the better and for a longer period of time. These do not harm your hair in any way and do not have any kinds of side effects which will spoil your hair later on.

So, before trying out chemical treatments for your hair try out the natural home remedies. They are much more effective, less expensive and more productive than the chemical loaded treatments. The home remedies do not have any side effects or negative impact on your hair.

You shall remember not to use those products which you are allergic to. Try out the home remedies at natural and make sure you apply them at regular intervals. You will definitely see positive results and the difference in your hair for the better.