Four Simple Steps To Make Him Love You

Four Simple Steps To Make Him Love You

Four Simple Steps To Make Him Love You What is it that makes some women instant and raging successes amongst men, while others languish behind, deprived of male attention despite being equally, if not more , endowed in the areas of beauty and personality? The answer to that much-asked question is the attitude.

What matters is not how mesmerizing you look, how interesting and intellectual you are, and how many gifts you possess – what matters is whether you are able to convey and communicate these flairs to the opposite sex with the right attitude or not. Many women are natural charmers and know with intuitive accuracy the different tricks that work for attracting different kinds of men. They are innately armed with the right kind of attitude.

However, other women can easily inculcate and imbibe the right attitude, and make a man of their choice fall in love with them by using the below mentioned tips as benchmarks –

Tips to Make Him Love You

Be Genuine

First and foremost, do not try to fake your attitude or your appearance. If you are more comfortable wearing traditional and conventional clothing, do not go for ritzy dresses that you cannot carry off with grace and ease. If you would rather not kiss a man on your first date, do not attempt to go against your instincts in a bid to please him.

If you are not interested in football or cricket or any of his favorite games, do not pretend to be knowledgeable about it to gain his admiration. If you do not have much of a funny bone, do not attempt to crack jokes all the time because he has a penchant for women with a sense of humor.

Farces do not serve any purpose in the long term. Excepting the novices, most men will see through such pretences with ease, causing you a lot of embarrassment and disappointment. Even if you’re able to charm a man by adopting a guise, it won’t be long before you tire of it and render your attempts futile.

Be genuine, real and unpretentious. Be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Loving yourself is the first step towards being loved by others. If you love yourself and are proud of yourself, you will not feel the need to wear a mask. And there is nothing more charming to a man, than a woman who isn’t constantly trying to emulate others and be somebody who she’s not, just in a bid to impress him. Men are naturally attracted to women who are sure of themselves and those who have a unique, inimitable style and aura to them. Such a genuine personality is bound to make him fall for you.

Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Most men judge women on the basis of their sex appeal. Work on your sex appeal and the heads are bound to turn. Being sexually appealing is a sure shot way to make a man like you.

Firstly, bear in mind that sex appeal is not the same as looking sexy. While being “sexy” is only about the kind of clothes, make up and haircut you wear, sex appeal is a much broader concept. Sex appeal brings attitude into the picture. Sex appeal does not necessarily involve exposure, though of course, it could add up to your hotness quotient.

Four Simple Steps To Make Him Love You

Sex appeal is about the way you conduct yourself, the way you walk, the way you speak to the opposite sex, the way you smell, your gestures, your expressions, and how communicative your eyes are. Identify the “category” in which the man you want to attract, falls. All categories of men do not find the same things appealing.

For instance, geeks are generally known to be attracted to the bold and naughty women – so if geeky is your type, raise your hotness level, flirt freely and use simple physical contact like hugging, holding hands etc to charm your man. If it is the Casanova you wish to charm, exercise a lot of restrained arrogance to make him run after you rather than the other way around. Discover what would work for the the man you wish should love you, and mould your sex appeal accordingly.

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Get Personal

Do not let conversations hang on the bland, boring and impersonal. Bring your lives into the discussion. It not only contributes to the health of your relationship, but also sparks interest in the heart of the man.

Talk to him about your life with full frankness, discuss problems, ask for solutions. Similarly, help him open up and talk about his life, goals, thoughts and perpectives. If he looks upset, enquire about his bothers and offer to help. Strive to build up a close attachment with him. A shade of emotional concern and feminine care to your personality is bound to make it all the more resplendent and lovable.

Adopt Hidden Pursual Tactics

Flirt conspicuously but carelessly. Unless you are quite sure that the man has an interest in you, do not be completely frank about your feelings.Pursue men without letting them know that you’re pursuing them.

It is a natural human tendency to lose interest in things that have already been achieved, or are already theirs. If you make the fact that you’re wishing to charm a particular man obvious to him, he will begin to take you for granted. Worse still, he may find it a laughing matter. Men are especially notorious for being absolutely unsympathetic about a woman’s feelings. Charm a man in such a way that he desires to charm you.

However, when the appropriate time comes, be honest about your feelings. Do not live in denial for unreasonably long periods of time. Once you are quite sure of his interest in you, you can go ahead and take the first step and confess your feelings. At this juncture, honesty will further add on to your charm and make your man even more besotted with you.

In a nutshell, observe and experiment until you determine exactly what kind of attitude will floor your kind of man, and work on it with these guidelines in mind! Stick to the aforementioned tips and he is bound to fall head over heels in love with you.