Four Sure-shot Steps To Avoid Relationship Breakdown

Tips To Avoid Relationship Breakdown

Tips To Avoid Relationship BreakdownA sour relationship can wreak havoc upon your mental peace, your emotional strength and your life in general. A relationship rapidly moving towards the verge of a breakdown can cause a lot of unhealthiness and unhappiness in a person’s life.

People who experience relationship breakdowns often suffer from depression, extremely poor self confidence, suicidal tendencies, alcohol and drug abuse, recklessly wild lifestyles and bouts of sleeplessness. Usually, it takes a long time for the wounds left by a dead relationship to heal. People often remain trapped in the past, completely unable to move on over their ex, still nurturing contradictory emotions for them, retrospecting endlessly. Hence, a relationship breakdown must be avoided at all costs. Here are some sure-shot tips to prevent such an emotional catastrophe –

Tips To Avoid Relationship Breakdown

Do Not Rush Into A Realationship

Prevention is always better than cure. Rather than getting into a bad relationship and then trying in desperation to make it work, always exercise a lot of care and caution before comitting to a person. In other words, adopt the philosophy of “look before you leap” so far as relationships are concerned.

Never get into a relationship merely for the sake of adventure, excitement or in desperation. Learn to distinguish between infatuation and love. Learn to understand whether what you feel for a person is long-lasting or not. Learn to see whether you are attracted to a person only for their personality and not for what they really are. Learn to judge a person in whom you have romantic interest on the basis of comfort level and the extent of understanding rather than qualities that are attractive but of not any value in a relationship.

Most importantly, learn to say no. Do not commit to a person who asks you out only because you find them exciting and are minorly interested in them, or do not want to hurt them. To be short and simple, do not get into any serious relationships until you are absolutely certain you are in love. A relationship born out of any reason other than love is destined to see its demise eventually.

Curb Your Temper

One of the major reasons why a relationship fails is because either or both of the persons dating each other are highly temperamental. An uncontrollable temper can be fatal for a relationship. Relationships are based on love and understanding for each other.

A constantly raging and complaining partner who is easily irked can easily put off people. There are many real life instances where men who are always angry and cribbing indulged in mental and physical abuse towards their partners. This leads to either breakdown of the relationship if the woman walks out of it, or extreme degradation of mutual feelings of love and tenderness. Similarly,when the woman has a temper, the relationship runs the risk of extinction.

Avoid Relationship Breakdown

Further, people who are easily angered cause the other person to feel frustrated, degraded and suffocated. They also often dominate the relationship and behave like control freaks. They do not respect the other person’s right to a sense of self-space and their right to make their own decisions. They wish to validate every action taken by their partner.

Needless to say explicitly, such behaviour does a relationship a whole lot of harm. Hence,make sincere efforts to curb your temper and be considerate and understanding towards your partner.

Allow Your Partner Their Space

Possessiveness has been the undoing of many relationships. While a relationship quintessentially does involve sharing each and every feeling, thought and emotion with your partner, practically speaking, every individual needs a dose of alone time. Every person has the right to be given space of his own. At the end of the day, even though a relationship brings two people close, it does not imply putting an end to their individuality.

This is one major ingredient of relationship success and should not be ignored. Everyone is comfortable sharing their life with another person only to a certain extent. It is this “extent” that you must determine and keep in mind. Do not try to consistently infringe on the privacy and individual space of your partner. Suggest things to them but do not be imposing. Allow them to retain their freedom over their life and actions.

At the same time, note that allowing your partner their space does not translate into becoming detached and uninterested. Learn to strike a balance in your attitude towards your partner. Learn to decode cues and decide when you should interfere and when you should keep out.

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Talk Things With Your Partner

A relationship is a roller coaster ride. There are bound to be many ups and downs. In the advent of any fights, disagreements and other issues, do not hesitate to talk things out with your partner. Silent anger or tolerance in such cases is an absolutely pointless choice. Unless you speak out about the problems you are facing, your relationship will go further and further downhill.

Being vocal about relationship issues ensures that your partner realizes things he may have not noticed otheriwse and presents his stand and clarifications on the same. It also ensures that the two of you mutually work together to resolve those issues, which brings you even closer. If you suspect your partner is two-timing you, do not waste time wallowing in hurt. Confront him/her immediately, because for all you know your suspicions may be completely wrong. Even if they turn out right, it gives your partner an opportunity to explain his actions and intentions. If you feel your partner is not giving you enough time or is losing interest in you, ask him out and out about the reasons for such behaviour.

Avoid Relationship Breakdown

In short, do not keep things in your heart. Do not try to deal with your problems with the relationship on your own and do not try to overlook things that are bothering you. Talk things out and prevent your relationship from spiralling into the pit of negative emotions of jealousy, insecurity, hesitance and discomfort.

However, a word of caution : in fear of the disastrous outcomes of a broken relationship, do not try in vain to save your relationship even though things have disintegrated beyond repair between the two.

Identify when damage control can help, and when it is best to let go. If you feel there is potential in your relationship, follow the aforementioned guidelines and try your best to keep it alive. Otherwise, let go and move on to the better things in life!