Four Tips For A Lasting Relationship

Tips For A Lasting Relationship

Tips For A Lasting RelationshipLove! That word has been the subject of the ruminations of many poets, artists, singers and playwrights. People have lauded love and commercialised it as well. In some instances, being in love has become a trend, and many people just get into a relationship without knowing how to make that relationship last.

Still others find themselves really falling in love, and when it happens, they wish it would last for a life time. The real disillusionment comes a few months, or in some cases, years later, when arguments begin, or, people just seem to fall out of love or feel that the other person has somehow changed into someone irritating. The tiniest things could seem like a major annoyance, while you might have put up with much bigger annoyances at the start of your relationship. Not all relationships last.

However, not all relationships fail either. It is indeed heart warming to hear of and see couples who have grown older together with the love they share increasing with the passage of time. If you are in a relationship, or if you wish to be in a relationship, knowing how to build a lasting relationship will help you achieve a lifetime of happiness with the person you love. Consider how the following four tips for a lasting relationship can help you enjoy happiness that will last a lifetime.

Tip #1 – Communication

Any house that stands for a long time requires a strong foundation. Without a good foundation, the house will collapse with the slightest impact. Relationships are similar. If you do not have a good foundation, the relationship will collapse when the smallest problem comes your way, or, it will corrode over time and collapse. The foundation for a lasting relationship is love and trust, cemented together with by communication. Communication involves not just talking, but listening and understanding, as well.

Quite often, couples have a strong attraction at the onset of their relationship. This attraction, or chemistry, plays a vital role in the bonding process. However, it is not the ultimate bond that keeps a couple together. Take time to talk to each other and get to know each other. If you do not take time to talk to each other, there are very low chances that you will indeed stay together.

After all, as the years go by, the initial phase of attraction reduces in intensity. Therefore, if you do not know each other well, you will have no foundation on which to base your relationship in the future. Taking time to communicate is the most important way in which you can help your relationship last throughout your life.

Tip #2 – Do Not Rush Things

Falling in love is wonderful, but of more importance is staying in love. Many couples are so enamoured by the idea of love that they tend to rush things and speed up the relationship. While it is natural to want to spend as much time as possible with your loved one and to do as many things together, rushing things at the beginning of your relationship can cause it to wilt. The effect is similar to trying to force a rosebud to open before it actually blooms into a flower naturally. It can spoil the flower.

Therefore, take things slow and get to know each other first. Learn about each other as individuals. This will help you develop a much better and long-lasting bond for the future, and you will appreciate each other better as you learn about each other bit by bit. Relationships that are formed with time, love and care are the ones that last the longest. Therefore, take one step at a time. Enjoy the different phases of love and the blossoming of different feelings between the two of you. If you rush ahead, you will miss out on many beautiful things that you could enjoy together.

Tip #3 – Do Things Together

Spend time together doing constructive things. This will help both of you build a bond that goes beyond physical attraction. If you are looking at a life together for a long time, then you need to see how the other person behaves in particular situations. Also, doing things together draws you closer to each other and builds a strong relationship.

Take time out to have fun together as well as domestic tasks. For example, take short holidays and enjoy the time spent with each other. This will help you relax in each other’s company. Life is extremely stressful and therefore it is important that you add a bit of fun and enjoyment into your relationship with meaningful breaks and holidays. Spending time doing household tasks is also beneficial in forging a strong relationship.

For example, cooking a delicious meal together could be more fun that you would have thought. Or, think of the bond you would forge as you tend the garden together or go shopping together. If you are serious about the relationship and plan to spend the rest of your lives together, this is an ideal way to get a preview of how the rest of your life is going to be.

Tip #4 – For The Good Times And The Bad

Love is for the good times and the bad. Therefore, do not assume that life is going to be rosy and comfortable just because you are in love. The stresses of live will impact you as well as your loved one. Sticking together during the bad times will help you appreciate the good times as well. This, in turn, helps you forge a stronger bond.

It is similar to people who go on an adventure together. At the end of the adventure, lifelong friendships are formed because of the mutual experiences that they have been through together. It can be the same with a relationship. When the storms of life hit you, how will you react? Will you walk out of a relationship just because stresses make you weak? Sticking on to your loved one no matter what comes your way will determine whether the relationship lasts a life time, or just a short time.

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