Four Tips To Style Straight Leg Jeans

Four Tips To Style Straight Leg Jeans

Four Tips To Style Straight Leg JeansJeans are one of the most commonly worn items by a woman. They are needed by a woman irrespective of the season and climate. Straight legged jeans are one of the most flattering kinds of jeans which can be worn by a woman. Straight legged jeans are similar to a skinny pair of jeans but differ at the calves and ankle area.

They have a wider opening at the calves and ankle area making them easier to wear in comparison to skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans can be worn by a woman with any kind of top or shirt. The shirt can be a simple tee or a long shirt. All kinds of shirts look good on a straight leg jean. There are a few tips which you can follow while wearing a straight leg jean.

How to Style Straight Leg Jeans

Alter the Length Well

Get the length of your straight leg jeans altered well. Make sure that they are of the correct length to give the correct look. A straight leg jean shall not make the onlooker feel that your jeans are longer or shorter in length. They shall look perfect and this look can only be achieved if the length altered is perfect.

Accessorize your Jeans

To add a chic and trendy look to your jeans accessorize it but do not go over the top. Use smart belts that draw the onlooker’s attention.

Four Tips To Style Straight Leg Jeans

You can tug in your shirts and use trendy plain colored belts to make your appearance look more stylish. Keep trying new variations with your jeans.

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Wear a Smart Shirt

If you are heavy on your stomach or waist area put on a loose shirt. This will cover your excess fat. Wear shirts which have a belt or try on the long smart tops. You can even put on plain colored shirts. All of these will go well with a straight leg jean. You will keep getting a new look as you keep changing your shirt style. So, keep trying with new shirt styles and keep experimenting. All shirts go well with a straight leg jean.


You can wear flats or heels with your straight leg jeans. Always remember that the shoe you are wearing will give your jeans the real look. You can opt for block or pencil heels or simply put on a pair of flats. In fact, if you want to wear flats try the ballerinas. They look very chic and smart. Most shoes go very well with the straight leg jeans so decide which you want to wear.

Four Tips To Style Straight Leg Jeans

Always remember that straight leg jeans give a very smart look. They can be worn with any kind of top and shoes as most of them go extremely well with a straight leg jean. You must keep in mind that the jeans shall be of the correct length, a jeans which is longer in length can be altered but a jeans which is short cannot be made longer, so be wise and get the correct length altered. Choose the color of jeans you want. Carry it off with style, look trendy and be confident.