Four Tutorials For Makeup

Tutorials For Makeup

Tutorials For MakeupMakeup is one of those things, if not done properly looks bad. Makeup needs to be done with perfection in order to get the perfect look. Before any girl begins to do makeup, she must remember to know how to do it. Makeup is a very vast topic, so any common girl will not know all about it, so she shall at least know the basics and how to begin her makeup. Every girl has a sense of the look that will suit her best and which will not suit her.
Makeup tutorials are one such medium which helps and guides a girl on how to go about her makeup, sitting at home. They are extremely helpful as they help all the newcomers and all of those who are doing their makeup all by themselves for the first time.

Best Tutorials Tips For Makeup

Clean Your Face

Before starting your makeup, make sure that your face is cleaned properly. No previous makeup shall be present while you start about with your makeup. Wash and cleanse your face so that all the oiliness and dust which was present on your face is washed off. Once your face has been cleaned properly, your face is ready for the makeup process to start.

Foundation And Concealer

To make your skin color even, application of a foundation is a must. Pimples, acne related blemishes; all can be covered by the application of a foundation. Many marks on your skin can lighten on the application of a foundation. All spots and marks which could not be concealed using a foundation can be concealed using a concealer.

 Foundation And Concealer

Concealer is used after the application of foundation. It is used to conceal all the spots and marks which cannot be hidden using a foundation. One thing that you must remember is that you use the right quantity of foundation and concealer. Do not use too much of them. Take less of it and if more is needed take it.


Eyes are the best feature of your face and most women simply love to highlight it. You shall first decide what kind of effect you want for your eyes. This can also depend on the time of the day when you are going out and the kind of place you are going to. If you are going out during the day time, keep your eye makeup simple. Stick to the basics, that is, kajal, eyeliner and a simple eye shadow color like a brown or bronze shade.


If you are going out in the evening you can try for a louder eye makeup. Try the smoky effect on your eyes or use more colors for your eye shadow. Choose for yourself and decide which look suits you the best.

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Apply a nice lipstick or a lip gloss. Always remember if you are applying a lipstick then you must apply a lip gloss over it. Try using bold colors like red and orange. Red may not suit everyone to try it before applying it. Orange looks really nice on the Indian skin tone.

 Lips Makeup

If you want to stick to simple try the nude shade, pink shade or the brown shade of lip color. Always remember to outline your lips before applying lipstick.

This tutorial of makeup will help you to certain extend. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you have to be the judge and decide what will suit you the best. Do not try something different just because it is the latest but put it on if it suits you. Even a simple makeup is better than a makeup which does not suit you. Always remember a good makeup can look you nice but a bad makeup can spoil your good look also.