Four Workout Exercises For Women

Four Workout Exercises For Women

Workout can be defined as any rigorous exercise requiring physical effort. It is performed especially to maintain your health and fitness or to improve the same. Workout can include hard core walking, dancing or any other activity which makes you and your muscles to move.

Workout can also be performed by women to reduce weight or the extra fat. Workout makes your body move faster and uses more energy than what your body would normally use.

Workout Exercises for Women


Squats are an equipment free exercise. No extra equipment is required to do squats but a woman always has an option of adding one. Squats emphasize on thighs, abdomen and the muscles which support our spine. Squats are the best exercise to train and work on your muscles.

Four Workout Exercises For Women

These are essentially for the muscles as they involve more of muscles movement than any other exercise. A woman should try to go lower until her thighs are parallel to each other on the floor. If she cannot do this by herself she can always use a chair, a small stool or even take the support of wall to do this. After a few rounds of the exercise you will have enough balance to perform the exercise and not need the help of any object.

Hip Raise Exercise

In this exercise a woman should lie back and raise her hip. This exercise puts pressure on a woman’s back. It also helps in reducing extra belly fat. Remember to bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. You should pause for a few seconds, say around three to five seconds and again repeat the same.

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Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are very effective exercises. These are for your abdomen. The bicycle crunches do not require any extra element but a person can always use them to make the exercise much better. They are one of the best exercises for hips, abs and oblique.

Four Workout Exercises For Women

One should breathe steadily throughout the exercise. One set of this exercise should contain at least eight to fifteen repetitions. A person shall do two to three sets a day. A woman should remember to keep her hand beneath the head to support the neck during the exercise.

Mountain Climber With a Swiss Ball

This is one exercise where you will barely feel the movement of your muscles. This is a very effective to tighten your tummy. You have to put your body in a position of doing push ups. The only difference will be that your hands will be on a Swiss ball rather than the floor. Keep alternating your legs after every twenty to thirty seconds. This is a very simple yet a very effective exercise for your tummy.

Workout is very important in everyone’s life today. A woman shall do some form of rigorous exercise to keep herself fit. Proper routine of workout shall be done at least three to four times a week or every alternate day of the week. If a woman feels that she can not do the routine workout by herself then she should keep a personal trainer to help her and choose the best hardcore exercises for her. Always remember not to do any exercise in an incorrect manner. A woman shall always seek help rather than doing the workout incorrectly.