French Manicure Tips For Women

French Manicure

Sported by noted celebrities and fashionistas, French manicure is doing the waves around the world as the perfect way to dress up your nails.

French Manicure

It refers to a manicure style where the tips of the nails are white and the rest of the nail is given a light pink color or painted with light sheer polish in pink or beige.

This natural, clean look gives your nails a well groomed appearance and looks great on every occasion. So whether you want to go out for a casual date or a dressy evening dinner with your beau, French manicure is a classic trend that seems to never go out on fashion.


Moreover you do not have to fork up thousands of dollars in a nail spa to get the look. With these DIY French manicure tips for women and some simple readily available tools, it is easy to get beautiful manicured nails in the comfort of your home.

Before starting out with the manicure, you need to prep your hands and nails. Begin by removing the traces of nail polish using a nail polish remover and use a cuticle clipper to remove the dry skin hangnails and then file and buff your nails. Use a cuticle cream or a hand cream to massage and soften your nail beds.

hand cream

Start out with a thin and even base coat on your nails. This thin layer of base cost is a prerequisite for a smoother application. Once the base coat is dry, follow up with the base color nail polish. Although the base colors for French manicures are traditionally pink or sheer, you can also choose from any light pastel colors.

base cost

Once your base coat has dried, follow up with the application of the white nail polish on the tip. For this you need to place a tip guide on the lower part of the nail and then using a thin brush create a precise white line at the tip.

If you want a square French manicure then draw up a straight line or for a rounded look, follow your nail’s natural curve. Apply the white nail polish on the tip of your nail with precision. Follow up with a top coat to protect your French manicure from chipping. This layer of top coat ensures that the colors are sealed.

These home French manicure tips for women are a great way to get beautiful nails at no extra cost. All you need is a base color pink or sheer nail polish, white nail enamel and a base and top coat.

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