From Chapped To Kissable Lips

Dry chapped lips are not only painful at times, but if not taken care of they can lead to sores and even infections. One would think that the constant moistening of the lips with saliva would help.

Wrong! The chemicals present in the saliva, once in contact with the sensitive skin, evaporates causing the lips to become dry and chapped. Your current favourite flavoured/scented lip balm isn’t doing you a favour. The flavoured lip balms increase the chances of licking your lips.

There are several reasons as to why lips become chapped. Main culprit is the weather. Dry atmosphere can leave your skin parched. Being outdoors does take a toll on your lips. The sun and wind do add to the cause. Consuming caffeine and alcohol causes dehydration of the tissues.

Smoking causes your lips to lose its natural oils. In very few instances even and allergic reaction can cause lips to become dehydrated. Additional factors may include a deficiency in vitamin B, the ingredients in cosmetics even at times medicines can cause the problem.

In treating chapped lips use a good lip balm which contains sunscreen. Consume the recommended daily amounts of water which is 10 to 12 glasses. Try and avoid going out in cold weather if you must make sure you use the lip balm with sunscreen. Exfoliation can help with chapped lips. You can do so by the use of a very soft tooth brush.

A baby’s tooth brush in this case is recommended. Brush in a circular motion to help remove any dead cells resulting in lusciously smooth lips. Other popular methods of exfoliation include the use of homemade sugar scrub and micro-exfoliating scrub specially made for your lips.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Mix together two teaspoons of extra virgin oil and a teaspoon brown sugar. Apply the paste to your slips and let it sit for a few minutes. With your finger or a warm washcloth rub your lips gently in a circular motion. You don’t want to add to much pressure and irritate the sensitive skin of your lips. Rinse with water. Apply a good lip balm.