Fruit Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Fruit Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Fruit Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss Program Fruits form one of the most priceless offerings of nature and are globally available in different varieties, taste and forms. The nutritional benefits provided by fruits, make them one of the most sought after dietary requirements. Most fitness conscious people, looking for shedding off their extra flab, are including more and more fresh fruits in their daily diet.

What is a Fruit Diet?

A fruit diet is definitely different from a regular diet, that includes portions of fruits, spread out across the day along with other vegetables, cereals, milk products, etc. A proper fruit diet, comprising strictly of fruits, may range over a predefined period of days, weeks or a month. Though the results of a fruit diet have been found to be very encouraging by most people, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a professional dietitian before going in for an all exclusive fruit diet plan.

A Simple 5 Days Fruit Diet Chart That Helps In Weight Reduction

Breakfast: 8AM

Take two ripe bananas on Day 1 and 2 followed by a ripe mango/watermelon/papaya on Day 3. Start your day with a bowl full of grapes on Day 4 and Mangoes or any other sweet fruit on Day 5.

Mid Morning Snack: 11AM

The sudden hunger pangs that you may feel between breakfast and lunch may be filled with half portion of an apple on Day 1, a bunch of grapes on Day 2 and an orange on Day 3. Guavas form an excellent source of energy and minerals on Day 4 and 5.

Lunch: 2PM

Day 1 should see you having half an apple , while a ripe orange each on Day 2 and 3 followed by a mango on Day 4 and one full banana on Day 5, are the other suggestions for the “fruity lunch”.

Evening Snack: 5PM

An orange on Day 1 followed by a guava on Day 2 and 3, is the ideal recommendation in the fruit diet chart for weight reduction. A single ripe banana on Day 4 and grapes on Day 5, should help you see through this five days program.

Dinner: 8PM

Dinner Time makes you crave for something different. So you can have a bowl of ripe watermelon on Day 1, papaya on Day2 and carrots on Day 3. The Day 4 may bring forth a bowl of pineapples followed by ripe papaya or muskmelon on Day 5.You may also add small portions of fruits that meet your personal taste and preference such as kiwis, pomegranate or strawberries as per the availability.

If there is a sudden craving for salt, you may have a glass of fresh lime water with salt. On certain occasions, honey added to a bowl fruit salad could satiate the requirement of certain sweets. If you feel that you want to repeat the 5 Day plan, you can give a break of 2-3 days and restart the entire fruit diet for further weight loss.

Want to Plan Your Own Fruit Diet?

Fruit Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss Program

If you want to plan your own fruit diet plan, then you should be aware of the under mentioned categories of fruits that help in reducing weight. A careful juggling of fruits from each category will help you in lose weight while taking care of your energy and nutritional requirements.

Fruits Rich In Carbohydrates

Bananas, kiwis, plums, pears, pineapples, mangoes, figs, grapes and other fruits with high fructose content should be eaten for breakfast. The energy required to initiate the digestion process and keeping you going throughout the day, will be provided by the consumption of a portion of one of these fruits. You may even add a small quantity of dry fruits such as prunes, apricots, almonds, raisins or dates to supplement the fruit taken during breakfast.

Fruits With Low Carbohydrate Content

Peaches, watermelons, cantaloupe, nectarine, papayas and apples come in the category of low carbohydrate fruits. The consumption of these fruits helps in retaining the water content of the body and maintaining the body temperature. They also help in the eviction of the bad cholesterol from the body. The cardiovascular and the nervous systems function optimally with the inclusions of these fruits in the any of the meals following breakfast. The above mentioned fruits help in burning the excessive fat and reducing weight.

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Berries And Citrus Fruits

The fruits in this category provide the minimum levels of carbohydrate and are thus useful in weight reduction fruit diets. Raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries along with lemon, lime or sweet lime can be taken as mid day or evening snacks. These fruits are very efficient in the improvement of bowel movement and the detoxification process. They help in cleansing the blood and removing undigested matter and toxins from the body. The improvement in digestion leads to weight loss in more ways than one.

Watery Fruits

Watermelons, muskmelons, honey dew melons, cantaloupes, etc are all rich in water content. They hydrate the system and provide instant energy. Consumption of these fruits leads to the elimination of toxins, improved digestion and a healthy weight loss.

Dry Fruits

Fruit Diet For A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Raisins, dates, apricots, cashews, prunes, etc can be eaten in small quantities along with the fresh fruits. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and help in burning excess fat and reducing cholesterol levels. They help in the improvement of the immune system and in promoting a healthy reduction in weight

Benefits of Following a Fruit Diet

A well planned out fruit diet gives the body system relief from the rich and high calorie dietary patterns followed by the contemporary generation. The advantages of consuming a fruit diet include, detoxification of the blood, improved digestion, increased energy levels and a flawless glowing skin among others. Since fruits act as a natural laxative of mild nature, they help in the proper bowel movements and discourage constipation. This indirectly leads to the loss of weight.

The high content of natural alkaline acids, minerals and vitamins in most fruits make them a valuable storehouse of nutritive constituents. They help in keeping the body hydrated due to their natural water and mineral content. Fruits help in the elimination of toxins and excessive mucous which helps in curing common cold, catarrhal symptoms, respiratory and lung problems.

Fruit Diets are becoming increasingly popular among people looking for a quick and healthy way of loosing weight and detoxifying their body systems.