Full Body Workout For Women

Workout Womens

Workout WomensIf full body workout is your option and you do not have the time to train for specific areas of your body, you need to exercise in a way so that your whole body is targetted. Full body workout for women is meant for overall fitness, reduction of excess fat from the body and general boost in energy levels.

Here are some options.

Full Body Workout Options

Walking or Running

Simplest and the most effective workout for your whole body is brisk walking or running. If you wish to make it more strenous carry hand weights so that your arm movements are minimum. This helps in toning and strengthening your legs. If you are not comfortable with weights try to swing your fists till your chin so that you are able to burn nearly 10 % more calories.


Keep your feet wide apart, preferably hip width. Now you need to take a step forward and slowly bend your left knee to make a 90 degree angle. Your back knee should be quite close or preferably touching the ground. Now, you can slowly push up your front leg so that you get back to your starting position.

Lunges Exercise

Once back you will have to repeat the same with your other leg. This workout helps in increasing blood flow and keeps your heart healthy. You can do 10 – 20 reps while altering the sides.

Jump Rope

A wonderful complete body workout can be done using a jumping rope. You can burn a minimum of 658 calories in an hour. This workout is known to burn at least 400 calories more in a hour which is more than playing basketball or even dancing. If you get bored you can play your favorite music which will keep your spirits high as you workout.

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Stair Climbing

Another full body workout which can be done at home and everyday. You will just need to climb stairs preferably quickly. This exercise helps in strengthening and toning your arms and legs. To make it further effective you can climb stairs using a dumbell of a weight which you are comfortable. You need to climb stairs for at least 30 minutes in a day and be assured of complete fitness. This is the best exercise which boosts your cardiovascular fitness.

Medicine Ball Squats And Overhead Lifting

This workout helps in toning and strengthening your glutes and legs. You need to stand and keep your feet apart. You will need to hold a medicine ball and squat while toning your arm. Keep your knees just over your ankles. Now, you need to lower this medicine ball towards the floor and keep your head up. Keep your back straight so that you do not hunch.

Ball squat exercise for women

Now get back to the starting position and pick up the medicine ball just over your head. This needs to be repeated and done in repetitions for best results. As you are comfortable you can keep increasing the weight of the ball.

Try any of these total body workout options and have a healthy body and mind in no time.