Fun Hair Styling for Long Hair

We mentioned the word “fun” so we will be doing things a little out of the box and using trendy accessories.

Half Hair Bun

Who says you need to make bun using all your hair? Divide your hair in two sections from one ear to the other. Take the upper section and comb it well. Twist the hair lengthwise till the tip and then roll it in circles making a bun. Hold it in place using a wooden bun stick.

Now, comb the second section neatly and let then flow free. This style will suit you best if you have round or heart shaped face, and your hairs are straight.

Additionally, you may make the second section into a bun for a formal look. If you have made two buns then use a stick of small size to hold them in place. You can even use colored sticks on your hair for a funky party look.

Side Pony

This will look great if you have a layer cutting. Once again divide your hair in two sections starting from behind one ear to the other.

Neatly comb the upper sections and bring to one side. Make a side pony using thin colored hair bands. Now, make pony of the other section, behind your neck. You may use hair bands of same colors or use 2-3 different colored hair bands.

Twisted Pony

This is the easiest style and looks extremely elegant. It is perfect for a neat office look. It suits best for those who have a little heavy hair. Divide your hair in two segments, side wise.

Take the right segment and comb it upwards. Wrap it around the other section to make a high pony. Put a small clip to hold the hair in position.

Natural Curls

Wet your hair and apply styling gel. Divide hair in several small sections and roll plastic curls. Leave overnight and remove in morning for beautiful curls. These curls will help decrease the length of your hair that you are used to; a nice change.


You can either braid half of your hair or make a French pleat for the whole hair. You may braid them using cool colored ribbon like purple, pink and yellow. But choose ribbons which are thin in width.