Funky Nail Art Designs

Take body art to a whole new level with nail designs and art, featuring fantastic creations with vibrant colors and unique designs on a miniature canvas! Tattoos, body art, piercing, bling jewelry, funky clothing and head wear have a new addition to the world of the outrageous with funky nail designs, the new fashion rage!

Whether you love whacky designs, trendy body ware, clips and zips or the latest in couture, cool nail designs are for you. For you young and hip fashionistas, we round up fabulous, quick and easy nail art designs to fix the spotlight on you in any social event!

Attractive Nail Art Designs

Alternate Colors

First off on the list of funky nail designs is a simple technique to grab some eyeballs! Alternating nail polish colors on each finger or painting each fingernail with a different color is sure to make you talk of the town!

Alternate Colors

It is very simple and needs very little effort. Pick from a range of colors like metallic shades, glitter, matte and glossy shades in bright, pastel or dark colors, color coordinate and come with new combinations to make your hands sizzle with a spectrum of vibrant colors!

Animal Prints

Animal prints are a favorite on the ramp and off it! Use contrasting shades to create dazzling animal print designs from Dalmatian spots to leopard patterns and the quintessential zebra stripes for a mesmerizing effect!

Animal Prints

Create a whole new space in art with optical illusions on your nails! This elegant design is perfect for a casual lunch or even a formal evening depending on the color combinations used. Go wild with animal prints for a cool nail design!

Polka Dots

An eternal favorite is the Polka theme with its bold dots against a daring coat of violent pink or blazing orange! From dresses to scarves, skirts to tops, Polka dots have been a designer’s haven!

polka dots

Whether in contrasting or complementing shades of color, polka dots are a fun nail design to have on one’s fingertips! Part polka or completely dotted nails make a strong style statement yet send out a subtle sun and fun message, giving your personality a tangy twist!

Newspaper Prints

If you are looking at funky and innovative nail design ideas, get the newspaper print! Turn your morning routine into a creative art piece with a newspaper theme for your nails!

newspaper print

All you need is some base coat, a little bit of alcohol and newspaper pieces to get to going! Unleash the Picasso in you to create nifty nail art in the blink of an eye!

Black And White

A classic since times of yore, another favorite combination is the black and white theme for your nails! Go retro with black and white patterns to create fantastic optical illusions with polka dots, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, pin stripes and animal prints.

black and white

Play with extremes to make a powerful style statement! Balance the Yin and the Yang with combinations to bring your whacky personality to the fore! Nail designs just got cooler with the bright and the night!

Leaves And Flowers

Get the Zen look with nature at your fingertips! Capture the beauty of the forest with leaves and flowers nail art designs for an elegant yet distinguished look.

Leaves And Flowers

Easy to make with the help of a few nail colors, a fine brush or a toothpick, you can really give wings to your imagination while creating leaf and flower patterns on your nails!

Marble Patterns

Spice up your life with a new look! Turn your fingernails into a funky creation with cool nail designs in marble! Marble patterns are abstract yet elegant and add the zing to your personality without a garish effect! Make a subtle style statement with marble on your fingertips!

Marble Patterns

Get your few favorite colors together and blend for a unique look. Confused about which color to use? Marble patterns are here to rescue you! Mix ‘n’ match for a dazzling effect. If you are going for this new and trendy look, be sure to use between three to five colors for the best effect.

Nail Art Additions

Beads, glitter, color strips and stickers will take your nail art to another level. Whether you want something sophisticated or funky, these additions will certainly add a dash of glamour to your nails. Add color to your day with funky nail art!