Get Clear Skin With Laser Treatment

Women who are looking to have smooth, vibrant skin without undergoing invasive treatment should try a Spectra Peel laser treatment. This laser treatment is non-invasive.

Laser Treatment

It rejuvenates the skin by encouraging your body to produce more collagen. Women who undergo Spectra Peel laser treatment claim to get immediate results from the procedure. Women who have large pores or who suffer from acne scars on their face can use this laser treatment to smooth out their skin.

Here Is A true Testimonial

A girl named Tricia is planning to get married in September. Now, like every other bride-to-be, Tricia wants to have clear, beautiful skin on her wedding day. When she meets with the doctor, the doctor notices that Tricia has chicken pox scars and discoloration on her skin.Her doctor recommends that she have the Spectra Peel procedure performed to clear up her skin. The procedure will remove the extra sebum that she has in her skin and eliminate the dead skin cells that cause Tricia’s skin to look less vibrant.

Before the procedure begins, Tricia is made to lie down with a warm blanket over her. The first step is to apply a layer of carbon over her face. The carbon will need to stay on for about twenty minutes until it dries. The carbon application helps distribute the laser light. Tricia also receives a pair of ear plugs, and eye shields are placed over her eyes for protection from the laser.Tricia’s doctor then performs the first laser treatment. He runs a laser beam over her face to remove the carbon that was previously applied. Once the carbon has been removed, the doctor passes over her face again with the laser. As the laser passes over Tricia’s skin the second time, she feels some small pinches around the sensitive areas of her face. This procedure lasts about fifteen minutes.When Tricia is done she is left with bright, glowing skin. Her skin is also smooth to the touch. The laser treatment results are not permanent and if Tricia wants to continue having smooth, radiant skin she will need to have another Spectra Peel laser treatment.

Spectra Peel procedure