Get Hassle Free Summer Hair

hassle-free-summer-hairThe elements can be harsh to our hair. Trying to fight the frizz and not lose our color. We fight this every summer and even during the rainy season. There are ways to fight Mother Nature and all of the cruel tricks that she can play on our hair.

One of the first things to go is our beautiful color. You have worked so hard to get it just right and the sun decides to have a little fun at your expense. To secure your color, use a shampoo and conditioner that will smooth down your cuticles. Also try getting a leave in cream that has a UV filter in the ingredients. This will help to keep blondes from getting bleachy and brunettes from getting brassy.

Also, instead of fighting the humidity, work with it. Instead of trying to get that oh so straight hair style, add a little curl. Simply use a conditioner in your hair and twist with your finger while still damp. This will keep the heat out and the curl in. It will also prevent you from feeling as though you just walked through a ball of electricity.

Your ends need lots of moisture to keep them from splitting like the atom bomb. Use a product that is a shower conditioner and steam your hair. Turn the heat up and soak your hair for just a few minutes. Get a product that contains Shea butter or a protein. Rinse your hair with cool water. When volume is a problem because the heat has you down, use a texture spray all over and then flip. Dry your hair from the roots up to get that all day lift.

The heat can also cause your hair to get that greasy feeling. Use a shampoo that contains oil absorbing ingredients to help keep this under control. The pH balance in your scalp needs to be degreased so to speak. A great shampoo can help to resolve this issue.

Remember, there is a quick solution for all of your summer needs. These solutions will help to keep you on the go so that you can get the most out of your summer days.