Get Pretty With Pink Make Up

Make UP Pink is a color of romance, love and happiness. If you want to bring a feel good factor to your life, you can give a bit of pink touch to your make-up and you will surely notice a difference. The likable feature about pink is that not only in summer but  you can also play with pink throughout the year.

There is a amisconception exists among people that pink goes well only with teens, that’s not true. ‘As age is just anumber’, women who are young at heart can relish it at any age. So if you want to update your look with pink make-up, check out the  tips how you can look stunning and surprise people with the freshness and elegance wherever you go.

Best Pink Make Up Tips

Base Make UP

If you possess redden skin then use mint colour corrector to prepare a flawless base for a perfect make up. This needs to be applied after moisturizing but before applying face-primer.

Base Make UP

Apply it to your face completely and carefully, even you can apply it as dots on too red spots. Make sure to blend it well with skin with the help of a cosmetic sponge.

Go Monochromatic

If you want to draw attentions of the people to any particular area of your face, then add some eye-catchy and vibrant pink colour to the particular area of the face and for rest of the face apply the same yet relatively light colour.

Go Monochromatic

For instance, if you want to make your lips attractive then for eyes go for softer shades of pink, or if your target area is eyes then lip make-up needs to be slightest.

Eye Shadow Make Up

Selecting right shades of pink for eye-make up is utmost important. Instead of going for a particular one, go for various shades of pink. Eye make-up is very much important as eyes are the most sensational organ of aface.


Try a flesh-pink or peach-pink colour base shade on eyes. It will give an intense look to your eyes as pink is a soft colour.

Pink Contours

Another cute idea of pink eye make-up is, apply on the lower eyelid a pink based eye liner to work as highlighter line.If you already applied soft pink eye-shadow base on your eyes then draw the lower lash-line by pink colour. To give an extra oomph to your eye make-up,you may opt for white liner. Finish your eye make-up off with two coats of mascara or fake lashes.

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Cute Cheek Make Up

As pink is the basic colour for everyday make-up for your cheeks, so no extra effort is needed to get a pairof rosy cheeks. Take a little amount of cream blush of pink shade and apply on the apple of your cheeks.

Cheek Make Up

Now to achieve a cute or Barbie look, swirl pink shaded powder blush upward and outward toward the ear. But make sure don’t get the overdose of pink make-up on your cheeks or you will look like a clown.

Lip Make Up

To restore your lip make up for long time, your lips need to be moistening. To do this you may opt for shea butter, its moisturizing agents hydrate your lips without being greasy. If your eye make-up is flashy then lips need to be lucid. You can outline your lips by dark pink colour, and neutral pink all over your lips. Finish your lip make-up off by adding shimmer, it also offers you a pair of fuller lips as well.