Get ready to give birth

ready-to-give-birthImagine attempting to run a marathon without even training for it. Sounds foolish, doesn’t it? However, thinking that you will be able to give birth properly without preparing your body for it is the same. Giving birth, bringing a new life into this world, is not only physically challenging, but also emotionally challenging.

Several things go through your mind and your body at this time and if you are not properly prepared for it, then it can spell disaster for you, which of course you do not desire.

Therefore, do yourself a favour and take a step towards preparing yourself by following the tips given in this article.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is important to maintain your health at any time and therefore, it becomes even more important when you are in this state. Antenatal teacher Gill Perks says that anything from brisk walks to swimming or yoga are helpful to maintain stamina for labour. Therefore, try to exercise daily.

You should practise breathing exercises. You might have learnt them in your antenatal classes or your midwife can give you proper advice about them.

Some exercises like squatting gently will greatly strengthen your legs to prepare you for labour. You can also use a chair to provide enough support, even an exercise ball will do fine.

Practising yoga will keep you flexible and sound emotionally as well as physically.

Maintain a good posture

This is especially important after 35 weeks have passed, because your baby’s position depends on your posture. If you keep a good posture, it will be easier for the baby to be in the ideal position for birth.

The ideal posture would be to sit upright, slightly forward, with your knees below your hips. You can do this by sitting on a birthing ball. You can also lie on your left side. This will allow the baby to shift into the correct position.

Eat well

Have nice, nutritious and filling meals regularly. You also need to take plenty of rest. You do not want to work yourself out. You obviously will need energy for the birth.

Massage your perineum

This is the area between your vagina and anus. Massage it using olive oil. This will improve the skin’s suppleness and prevent tearing.