Get Rid Of The Clumpy Mascara That Spoils Your Look

clumped mascara

clumped mascaraMascara is the highlighting agent for your eyes. It makes your eyes look prominent making them look expressive and elegant. The application of mascara on your eyes makes your lashes long and thick.

But, if your eyelashes have a lot of clumps on them, then the brilliant effect that the mascara creates is entirely spoiled.

Get Rid of the Clumpy Mascara

Want to Know Why the Mascara Clumps are Formed?

The formation of mascara clumps can be due to various reasons. If the brush of mascara is not clean or it is not stored properly, that can result in the formation of clumps. You can keep the mascara clumps away quite easily! It requires a little bit of prevention and a slight amount of work from you. The very first way of keeping the mascara clumps away is by cleaning the brush of the mascara, about two times every week.

Prevent your Precious Mascara from Clumping

Take some simple preventive measures and save your mascara from getting clumped. The following techniques will help you to avoid any type of clumping of your mascara.

Wipe it Off!

Take the mascara brush and wipe off the layer of mascara that is already there on the brush. Take some make-up remover onto a piece of cotton cloth, then take the mascara brush or wand and clean its bristles tidily. Make sure that you clean the mascara wand efficiently and remove most of the mascara from it.

Wash it Well and Clean Dry

Take the wiped mascara wand under a tap of running water and rinse off the rest of the mascara that might still be present on it. Make sure that the water you use is totally clean and does not contain any impurities which might get stuck on the mascara brush. Then take a towel and dry out the mascara brush.

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Clean the Other Parts Too

Now, again take some amount of make-up remover on a piece of cotton cloth and start cleaning the other parts of your mascara container. Make sure that you clean the mascara tube threads very well, as it is extremely important for creating an excellent seal while closing the tube. Take the mascara wand or brush and check if any amount of mascara is there on its cap. Then take another piece of cotton cloth with make-up remover on it, and remove the mascara from the cap of the wand too.

Sealing the Tube Tightly

You must always remember to close the cap of your mascara tube very tightly. Every time you use the mascara, make sure that the cap of the mascara is tightly closed. If air finds its way into the tube, the mascara will become dry leading to the formation of clumps.

Swirl it Within the Tube

After placing the mascara wand inside the tube, rotate it so that it gets coated with mascara. Never pump it upwards and downwards as air will move inside the tube and make your mascara dry and form clumps. It may also lead to the introduction of damaging bacteria into the tube.

Follow these tips and see your mascara always in perfect shape!