Ways To Get Rid Of The Horror Called Upper Lip Hair

Upper Lip Hair

Presence of hair on upper lips is a virtual horror for women. While many women have tried the classic ways like shaving, waxing, defoliating, plucking, etc., they are not only temporary, the horror can visit you back, besides the treatments themselves being uncomfortable. There is certainly a way to get rid of the upper lip hair.

Upper Lip Hair

For removing upper lip hair, you should try Laser Therapy, which is the best solution for this condition. It is long-lasting and most effective. By this method, laser rays are passed through the follicles of hair to destroy them permanently. Since the follicles are picked one after another, it is a time consuming process.

Laser Therapy

The method employed includes electrolysis. For destroying hair follicles, electricity is passed through the follicles. This destroys the roots leaving no possibility of growth of hair. It is considered a life-time treatment.

The laser treatment requires a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions, depending on the growth and your own situation. The number of sessions can also extend at times to ten or 12.

But there are some disadvantages in adopting this form of treatment to remove the upper lip hair. These include – Laser therapy is a time-intensive treatment. Since hair follicles are picked one by one and destroyed, it takes lots of time to complete the treatment. With every sitting, you will notice the changes, but till the entire treatment is completed, you have to attend the sessions.

Laser therapy need not be painful, but there is some pain at least as your face will certainly feel the heat of the rays as they are focused continuously on your upper lip, for longer periods and over prolonged sessions.

This is a very modern and sophisticated treatment, apart from being expensive. The cost is determined sometimes considering how much the laser therapy was effective in removing the upper lip hair.

laser treatment

While this is a safe method, if un-sterilized equipment is used to remove the hair follicles, it can turn infectious. Use of needles which have not been sterilized should be completely avoided.