Get the Funky Bohemian Look With Black Manicure

black manicureBlack is one of those very few colors that complement all complexions and all body profiles. Though many say that black is a color that represents sorrow and dullness but well known designers and fashion experts say that this color is so versatile that it compliments any kind of look or appearance in a very expert manner.

Black goes well with all colors if mixed and matched well. The latest trends using black color are Black Manicure. This is a technique where black nail paint and manicuring is used to give a beautiful and sophisticated look to the finger.

Funky Bohemian Look With Black Manicure

Shaping Your Nails

The first step in Manicure is to give nice and uniform shapes to the nails. Round or pointed nail is a total no for the perfect manicure. In fact even square shapes give the fingers a thick and chubby look that is not at all attractive.

shaping nails

It is best to opt for a shape that is uniform with the nail shape and bed. The corners should have a rounded edge while the top should have an oval or rounded shape.

Cleaning And Polishing Your Nail

The nail should be cleaned to remove any kind of dirt or oil thus allowing a clear and smooth surface for applying the paint. It is best to dip the nails in warm water diluted with a bit of moisturizer and anti- bacterial. This helps in providing good nourishment and conditioning to the nails.

Nail Tips For Beautiful Nails

It is best to put plastic tips on the shaped and extra grown length. This will help in giving proper definition to the manicure. Once the lower coat is applied and dried, then the next coat can be applied without interfering with the tips.

Applying The Base Coat And The Main Coat

A base coat should always be applied before the main nail polish. The base coat can either be transparent or of the same color as the black paint on it.

painting base

Once the coat is completely dry then the next and main coat of Black nail polish can be applied. The first brush of paint should be in the middle of the nail because if one starts from the sides the paint can drip and get accumulated into the cuticle bed thus giving an untidy look to the paint.

Painting The Tip

Once the nail polish is well dried, then the tips can be removed to expose the unpainted nail section. Carefully this portion can be painted with black nail paint that has a slight denser and glossier appearance or a black paint with crystals and shiny particles. This will give the tips a glossy and different look than the rest of the section of the nails.

Once the whole nail is painted and dried, a top protective transparent coat layer can be applied that helps in protecting the paint as well as making it last longer than normal. Black Manicure is different, hip and trendy. It even changes the whole appearance of the person. It is the latest fashion and something worth trying for every girl.