Get Your Body Fat Reduced With Body Wrap Recipe

Body Fat Reduced With Body Wrap RecipeBody wraps are used so that our body can get rid of toxins and also reduce the weight of our bodies. Body wraps ensure a total cosmetic and therapeutic treatment of your bodies also toning and tightening your body at the same time. If you have lost a lot of weight recently, then body wraps are the perfect thing for you to tighten up your skin.

As body wraps have quite a significant role to play in therapy, anyone suffering from joint pains can also use body wraps to cure the pain. This helpful thing should certainly be available at your home. The following content offers you some fruitful information regarding body wraps and how they are made.

Get Your Body Fat Reduced With Body Wrap Recipe

Bits And Pieces For Preparing The Body Wrap

The ingredients required for making a body wrap are quite simple and actually very easily available. The basic ingredients are green clay or betonite clay, common sea salt and water.

The additional ingredients can be added as per the user’s individual preference. The additional ingredients are 2 spoons of almond oil or olive oil, any herbs (chamomile powder or rose powder) that you like and essential oils such as grapefruit, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, lemon or lavender.

Green clay or betonite clay Make Your Own Body Wrap

The combination of the above ingredients gives you your own home-made body wrap. For making the body wrap, boil two cups of water and one-fourth cup of sea salt, till it gets dissolved. After that, add the clay and two spoons of oil and later the herbs and the essential oils. Add all the contents one by one and keep stirring the contents till it becomes a paste. You might have to adjust the water content as the mixture has to be pliable on your body.

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Know How To Use The Toning Mixture

After preparing the mixture, now it’s time to apply it on your body. Let the mixture cool down so that you can easily handle it. Spread the mixture all over your body and then cover yourself either with clean and thin white towels or strips of white sheet or plain gauze.

Tie any of these from end to end of your body parts and make sure that you tie them firmly and tight. Wrap the covering materials as tightly as you can so that the compress on your skin will give you best results. After tying it up, go and lie down in a bathtub. Relax in the bathtub for a period of 45 minutes or 1 hour. Then get out of the bathtub, take off the wrapping material and take a nice and warm shower. After showering, towel off your whole body very gently.

How To Use The Toning MixtureTips To Keep In Mind

The application of the body wrap is quite messy, so it’s best that you apply it sitting in your bathtub. This will keep the mess restricted in the bathtub. Before putting the body wrap, remember to take a warm shower so that the pores get opened. Drink lots of water just before and also after doing the wrap. This will flush the toxins out of your body.

Application of the body wrap