glaucomaA condition that results in the damage of the optic nerve is known as glaucoma. It happens when the eye pressure rises to a dangerous level when the optic nerve carries the image from the eye to the brain. Due to this, the vision of the eye can be reduced and it can cause blindness.

There are 4 main forms of glaucoma:

1.    Acute glaucoma: It develops very fast without any warning. When the clear fluid aqueous humor is caught in the eye it starts to build up there. This fluid washes away the dirt from the eye and it comes from inside the eyeballs. When the fluid builds up inside it increases the pressure in the eye, thus damaging the optic nerve. And when the optic nerve gets damaged, it then leads to blindness.
2.    Chronic glaucoma: This is the most common form of glaucoma. It develops slowly over the years due to the pressure of excess fluid in the eyeball.
3.    Congenital glaucoma: This disease is present at birth and is the result of defective generation of the fluid outflow channels of the eye. It requires a surgery for treatment. It is usually hereditary.
4.    Secondary glaucoma: This is caused by eye diseases like uveitis, systematic diseases and certain drugs, like corticosteroids.

Certain causes of glaucoma:

•    Radical damage caused by ultraviolet rays
•    Certain allergies
•    Certain diseases like auto-immune diseases
•    Reduced supply of blood to the eye
•    High pressure in the eye
•    Influence of toxins on the optic nerves
•    Deficiency of vitamin B-12
•    Constant use of eye drops and skin creams

Treatments: The main purpose of treatment is to avoid future loss of the vision. Once the cells that carry the vision are damaged, then there is no treatment, but further loss of those cells can be prevented. There are three types of glaucoma treatments. They are:

•    Medication
•    Surgery
•    Lifestyle modification

One can choose the correct treatment as per the severity of the disease. It’s better to consult a doctor in any case.

Alternative treatments: One can opt for alternative treatments if they do not want to go for medications and surgeries. They are:

•    Eating a healthy diet
•    Discovering the allergies and removing them
•    Improving one’s digestions
•    Protection from ultraviolet radiations
•    Regular brisk walking daily

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