Glowing Skin Tips

glowing skinWe all want that perfectly glowing skin. There wouldn’t be one single woman who doesn’t dream of that radiant looking skin. But the dilemma is how to get it? All the cosmetics claiming to give you a glowing skin are nothing but ways of commercialisation. They sure do show some results but those are not long lasting.

Moreover, you may even go wrong with cosmetics and end up bearing side effects. Certain ingredients might not suit you as much. You just need to take good care. Try our 6 most effective tips for glowing skin to get the best results.

Best Tips For Glowing Skin

Drink Lots Of Water


Water is something that you must swear by if you dream of a beautiful glowing skin. Hydrate your body as much as you can. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday for best results. Water flushes out all the toxins from the body hence clearing the system for a radiant skin.

Apply Lime Juice

Lime juice is a natural bleach. It can be a great source for a glowing and healthy-looking skin. You may decide to apply it directly on your face around twice a week. Leave it till it dries off completely and wash off with lukewarm water.

lime juice

Do not forget to moisturise your skin thereafter. Alternately, you may also drink lime juice everyday. Drink it with warm water and honey to clear all toxins from the body. This tip can be great for weight loss too. So enjoy two benefits with just one tip.

Cleanse, Tone And Moisturise

You must cleanse your skin at least twice daily. Cleansing helps you in getting rid of all the dirt on your face. Use a toner thereafter to close all the pores in your skin, locking the moisture.


Finally moisturise your skin to get a soft and supple skin. This must form part of your daily routine like other activities like brushing and bathing.

Use A Sunscreen


Most people think that sunscreen is only required when stepping out in the sun. The truth is, sunscreen is applied to protect your skin from all the pollution and harmful rays of sun which are present even when the sun is not out. So never step out without applying a good sunscreen. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to going out to get best results.

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Exfoliate Your Skin 

Removal of dead skin is very important to get a glowing skin. Make sure you scrub your face at least once a week. With all the dirt and pollution mounting up on your face everyday, they form dead cells and make the skin look dull.

exfoliate face

Dead cells also make you age faster. So either use a natural scrub like walnut and honey or any other good scrub available in the market to remove all dead cells from your face. Always know your skin type first and then buy a scrub that isn’t either too dry or moist.

Eat A Healthy Diet

juicy fresh fruits

What is within shows outside too; If you are fit and healthy from within you will naturally get a glow on your skin. Always eat right. Include lots of fresh vegetable, fruits and fluids in your diet. Exercise regularly. Eat good food that promotes well being and gives a healthy glow to your face.