Gorgeous Make Up Tips For Wedding

Gorgeous Make Up Tips For Wedding

A wedding is a sparkling occasion full of beauty, shine and gleam; the gleam in the eyes of the bride and groom as well as in the eyes of the near and dear ones. This is as special as a jewel. To celebrate and decorate that gleam, we have numerous styles and makeups enhancing the look of the best day of their lives.

The makeup of a bride is a matter of perfection, as the look is preserved and remembered for a long time . There are makeup specialists trained and skilled to make the bride stand apart. Well, you can also do a good job yourself if you are a bit into makeup and confident about the outcome you shall produce.

With the help of these make up tips for wedding, you certainly can do some good job. There are two types of makeups we are going to talk about depending on one’s own culture and traditions. The two basic styles we are going to tip you on, are Indian wedding makeup and the English style makeup that matches the gown.

Face Makeup Tips for English Weddings

When A bride dons a beautiful gown, she must use makeup shades complementing the gown color. The perfect shades are what will help you look apart and create a unique impression.Use shades of pink , peach and light red if you are fair and are wearing a white dress or a pinkish white. If wearing a bluish shade, you can use colors like, mauve, shades of bluish gray or light purple.

Gorgeous Make Up Tips For Wedding

If you are a little darker or dusky as per your skin color; you should choose shades like maroon, reddish maroon, chocolate, brown, reddish brown and other earthy ones. This will give your dusky cover a soothing demeanor. Once you have decided about the colors, start putting your makeup using a base of complexion which is appropriate for your complexion. You must be aware of the best shade or you could take a little professional help on this. This is as important as giving a canvas a nice base.

Whichever you have decided to use as the main color of your makeup, be sure not to make it loud. In fact, it is advisable to complement the wedding gown with the most sober demeanor. And do you know what is news this year? The nude look with minimum makeup is in – for the weddings!

The nude look means a minimum of make up and highlighting just the best feature of your face with light contouring. If it is eyes for you be it so or if it is lips or any other feature, highlight them. You don’t have to show off all the features with heavy makeups like your eyes, lips or cheek. Experiment with just your most beautiful facial feature and keep it stunning, very fresh and natural.

Hair Make up for English Weddings

Next we come to the English hair makeup for the grand day. Get a professional to do the hair fastening that day as this is an area that can make or break your look. If you are good at doing your hair perfectly every day still you want the crisper hold, hire a professional. Yes! You can do the supervision on which style you want and in the exact manner .

When deciding upon hairstyle and the best hair accessories for your wedding day consider the dress, your veil or tiara. Depending on the color you can pick a flower accessory for your hair. It is the best hair accessory for the auspicious day. Now, for long hair you can make a ponytail, braid or twists for the crisp look. If you want a softer look, how about curls! Curls look mesmerizing on long hairs. A half hair down and half up can also look good.

A herringbone braid looks nice if you have long and straight hair. Short hair can be set nicely. Lastly, apply hair makeups like colors, glimmers and good shining strands of artificial hairs to add that peppy style if you wish to show off a little. Hair makeups and gels that give a natural shine are a nice option.

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Facial Makeup Tips for Wedding in India

If we talk about our big, fat, Indian weddings we have to agree that there is a a lot of show and pomp associated with it. With the makeup too, we have to maintain that pomp. Your make up on the big day should be suitable for your skin color and also should be very loud and colorful.

Gorgeous Make Up Tips For Wedding

A heavy amount of contouring and shading is necessary for complimenting the heavy, sequined wedding dress and in case you miss on that extra amount of makeup, you might just look too dull for the dress. So, keep your skin glowing and hydrated beforehand by taking good diet and liquids and get good facials done in advance.

Hair Makeup for Indian Brides

As for the hair on an Indian wedding day, it is generally fastened tightly in a bunch and may also be left open partially to show off some curls. Remember to style with styling gel and some shimmery hair makeups. Bright is right for the Indian ladies.

Special Tips to Remember for the Day for all Brides.

1. Use a waterproof mascara as the day encompasses both joy and sadness that might flush down tears on your face spoiling the finished look.

2. Use good branded products for the special day. Do not bargain with the moments of beauty and glow that you will always remember.

3. Get on a good diet and lots of water a few days before the wedding day. This is a precious tip you will realize surely as the face will beam with a special glow on the day.

4. Use makeup shades according to the time of the day. If it is daytime the earthy shades would do and if it is night the brighter the better, of course keeping in mind the color of the wearer’s skin.

5. A final kiss closing the wedding but starting a path of togetherness should be accomplished with shiny, glossy and the sparkling lips. Use a brilliant lip gloss as you go on the aisle to deliver the kiss.

6. Keep the smile on. You don’t need to put in special efforts for it; just show off your happiness. Don’t be shy. And the makeup will enlighten and help you with the purpose.