Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic Hairstyles

Gothics seem to be fascinated by death; it is also their only way to accept death. As a result, most of their fashion revolves around the colour black. Gothic fashion and music have always been interesting.


Gothic hairstyles are the most attractive feature of their style. In the 80s, being big and height were the two most striking features of their hairstyles. They also have come up with the wackiest shades of red and purple for their hair. Gothics follow two style basics, either they puff it up and pile it on the head or they create the punk look.

Whatever the look, they are known for being wild and wacky and they even end up looking gorgeous at times. Here are some basics on Gothic hairstyles if you are considering trying them.

The basics

A Gothic hairstyle requires a lot of crimping, curling and backcombing as the basic steps only. If you want a big hairstyle, you will need the backcombing method. You now have to decide everything based on the hairstyle you want, including the cutting and styling.

crimping and curling


Hair extensions work great for women who have a taste for Gothic hairstyles, but lack the length that is required for most of them. They easily get attached to the hair and you can remove them whenever you like. As a result, styling huge hairstyles is no longer a task too daunting for you.

styling huge hairstyles

However, long hair is not always that great as you would think for Gothic hairstyles. The reason lies in the fact that more hair means more weight. The heavier the hair, the more difficult it is going to be to balance your elaborate hairdo. You do not want it to come crashing down. If you are this unfortunate case, you will have to consult your stylist for suggestions.

One of the solutions to long heavy hair is texturing it. It will eliminate any excess hair weight and add layers to it, thereby making it lighter and easy to manage.

If you have short hair, and do not want to use extensions, you can go for the puffed up look. You can achieve it using the backcombing methods. Curls will complete the look.

Curls complete the look

The great thing about Gothic hairstyles is that you can go crazy with all the colours, like vivid blues, reds and even purples.

It is all about expressing yourself and creating your own individuality. Therefore, be creative and nothing should stop you.