Great Hair Beauty Secrets Revealed!

hair-stylesHave you ever been watching a movie staring your favorite celebrity and been amazed by how beautiful her hair was? Do you wish that your own hair could look as good as hers but are convinced that it would take a regular staff of stylist and consultants? Did the thought depress you so much that you just pulled your hair into a ponytail and gave up on the idea?

What you don’t know is that while it does take a lot of work to get and maintain a great head of hair, it isn’t impossible. You just need to be willing to try.

Oily Hair

If you are prone to hair that is oily and always seems to look greasy and unkempt all your really need to fix the problem is a box of cornstarch and a comb. Cover the tines of your comb with the cornstarch. Now run the comb along the roots of your hair. The cornstarch will soak up the oils and make your hair looking like it has just been freshly washed.

Dry Hair

Cornstarch won’t be needed if you have dry hair that is prone to breaking and frizzing. The only thing you need to moisten your dry hair is a jar of mayonnaise and a shower cap. Take a few minutes to completely saturate your hair with water. Don’t wash it, just get it really wet, When you are satisfied that all of your hair is soaked smear handful of the mayonnaise onto to the top of your head.

Massage your scalp until every strand of your hair is covered in a layer of mayonnaise from the root to the tip. Shove the whole mayonnaise mess under a shower cap and let it stand for ten or twenty minutes. When you are tired of having a head full of mayonnaise, remove the cap and shampoo and condition your hair. Repeat this process once a month and you will enjoy having soft supple hair year round.

Eliminating Dandruff

If you are suffering a bout of dandruff you should dissolve two aspirins, mix them with your shampoo when you are washing your hair. The aspirin will help clear up your dandruff without leaving you with a dry itchy scalp.