Great Hairstyles Ideas For Textured Hair

Textured hair can add volume and bounce to your limp and flat hair. It can, at the same time, also reduce the unmanageable thickness and frizziness of the coarse, rough and flying mane.

So, you should opt for a textured hairstyle if you suffer from any of these hair problems. Textured hair can be achieved through proper cuts in the salon where the stylists have proper training to either thin out your overtly voluminous hair or add volume to your completely flat and greasy hair.

Textured hair looks very good and there are various hairstyles for textured hair that you can try out, but they also need a lot of care, especially in shampooing and conditioning.

Textured Cut Can Give You Straight Hair

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You can get straight hair with your textured hair cut. If your hair is thin and sparse at the tips, you can add texture to it to give it a little bit of bounce. Similarly, to control the volume of your hair, add a little bit of your styling product in the mid sections of your hair.

This will not only control the tendency of your hair to fly away but the pomade or the styling gel applied at the tips of the hair will add the required thickness to the tips. When your tips have the thickness and the heaviness, it will help in weighing down the entire hair and therefore keep your hair straight and in place.

You can follow this with brushing your hair lightly with a flat or a paddle brush. However, you should not keep brushing your hair too much. Spray some hair fixer to hold the straight hair better. This is one of the best hairstyles for textured hair.   

Textured Cut Can Give You Voluminous Hair

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Textured hair is very versatile and can give you a myriad of styling options. Just like you can get straight hair with a textured hair cut, you can also opt for a haircut which will give your hair the bounce and the volume it so lacks and desperately needs. To create volume you can shampoo and blow dry your hair.

Remember to turn your hair upside down after you have finished blow drying. This instantly adds a lot of volume to your hair.  Now, tell your stylist specifically that you want your cut to give body to your thinning and flat hair.

You want it to be vivacious and lively. The stylist will then cut your hair in a way giving each strand a different length and a pointed edge, to add bounce to your hair. The texture and the layering of the hair is what make the hair look like it is thick and heavy. You can also consider this as one of the hairstyles for textured hair.

Take Care of Your Textured Hair

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Just getting a hairstyle for textured hair is not enough. You have to take care and give time to your hair as well. So, if you have gone for a hairstyle where you want to cut down on the volume and the bounce, go for deep conditioning once a week and a hair spa at least once or twice a month.

This extra nourishment is necessary to rebuild your hair and keep the frizz calm. If you have gone for the volume hair cut, the various layers of the hair make proper shampooing difficult. So, make sure that you take extra care while shampooing. Thus, these are the special considerations to be taken into account if you have hairstyles for textured hair.