Great looking hands

handsPeople make effort to look good by good clothes, attending to their hair and complexion. They make efforts to protect them selves from the sun. But nobody makes effort for their hands. They are the most neglected parts of our body. What we forget is, out hands speak for us. If not protected properly, they show aging before age. Bad looking hands and nails can be distraction for us in business or in the office or even in school and collage.

It is never too late to start hands caring. Here are some simple tips which you can follow

Nails tips :

– You can simply start off by chipping your nails with a nail cutter. Never chip them off wit your teeth. Avoid cleaning the under space of the nails as it will make matter worse. Never disturb the cuticles as the seal which cuticle makes between the nail plate and nail fold will be disturbed, causing the nail to grow with ridges and other defects. Leave the nail bed and the cuticles alone for better looking fingers and nails.

– avoid application of nail hardeners as they make the nails more brittle and increase the chance of nail splitting and breaking. You can apply nail polish.

– if you suffer from psoriasis, then injections of anti-inflammatory medicine into the nail fold can be very effective, Although you will feel very uncomfortable. Never apply creams or lotions under the nails if you have this problem. it will just make matters worse.

Rejuvenate hands:-

It is not difficult to rejuvenate hands if done properly. Spots from the sun can be eliminated by laser treatment. If the sun damage is serious with pre cancerous spot, then Levulan is can be effective. After an hour of its application, it can be activated by intense pulsed lights (IPL), to eliminate pre-cancerous spots and sun damaged cells from the skin. Retisol-A 0.01% is very useful to prevent new damage. Restylane or Sculptra injections are very effective for thin skin caused by sun and aging. It takes aging off the skin and restores fullness of the skin.

Take a look at your hands. If they are perfect, then keep protecting them the way you do, but if they are distracting you then you know what has to be done to make them youthful and lively.