Great Tips For Evening Makeup

evening makeupHave you often struggled while doing your evening makeup and finally landed up in something that doesn’t suit the mood of your evening party? If not then you are lucky.

But most of the people often face this disaster and finally mess up their entire mood and party. So, if you don’t want to be the next victim then follow the five great tips for evening makeup and make your evening wonderful and perfect.

Tips For Evening Makeup

Clean Up Your Face

The first step for an evening makeup is the cleansing of the face. It is very important to wash off all the dirt, dust and residue of the earlier makeup before applying the evening makeup.

face wash

Use a face wash to clean your face and remove the excess oils from your skin. In order to get a fresh and glowing look take sufficient amount of cleansing milk in a cotton ball and clean your entire face properly. You may also take a facial if required.

Apply A Base Makeup

Now it’s time for the application of a base makeup. Remember not to make the base makeup too heavy for evening. Rather keep it light. First use a concealer to cover the spots, blemishes and uneven skin tones of your face. Next apply a sufficient amount of foundation on your face matching with your skin tone and merge it nicely with your skin. Blow the face powder puff to bring a polished effect.

Highlight The Cheeks

In order to bring a rosy and shimmering look to your face you should apply blush on your cheeks. Select a shade that suits the color of your dress and then apply on the apples of the cheeks.

highlight cheeks

Starting from the lower part of the cheek bone apply the blush with upper strokes of the brush towards the outer part of your face. Merge it nicely with the skin tone. Repeat the strokes if necessary.

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Have A Proper Eye Makeup

To highlight your eyes you can use contact lenses and false eyelashes. Then choose your preferred eyeshade according to the color of your dress.

dark eyeshadow

If you are wearing a light dress, then go for a dark shade and if you are wearing a dark dress, then go for lighter shades. Once you are done with the application of eyeshade line both the upper and lower borders of your eyes nicely with a black liquid liner or eye pencil.

Get Lovely And Glossy Lips

One of the most important parts of the evening makeup is the lips. Lip marking should be done very carefully. First, outline the borders of your lips with a dark lip pencil. Then choose a lipstick color that goes with your dress. You can try out 1 or 2 shades darker than your dress color as you are preparing for an evening party.

lip gloss

In fact, you can also go  for the contrast colors too. Fill out your lips with the lipstick that you have chosen in order to get well-defined and lovely lips. The given tips will certainly help you out in getting a lovely evening makeup and you are sure to look glamorous and stunning if you follow these tips properly step by step.