Green Eyes And Eye Makeup

green-eyesNot many people have green eyes. Most would temporarily have them through contact lenses that help them catch people’s attention.

However, if your eyes are green, either permanently or temporarily, what will be the best way to enhance them? What is the best make-up for your great-looking green eyes?

You can highlight those green eyes by following the tips that I will be presenting to you. However, applying methods will not be the center of my discussion. It will focus on the right color and color combinations for your green eyes.

The best eyeliner colors for your green eyes are plum and violet. Since these colors are contrasts to green when you check on your color wheel, the sharp contrast will make those green eyes stand out and get more attention.

A traditional black is not advisable. Instead of black eyeliner, if violet or plum is not available, you can use natural brown eyeliner. For a more eye-catching look, you should get hold of violet or green eyeliners and see the results for yourself. Pick complementary colors of green. These can be brown, gold or plum.

Green eye shadow is a great choice to make your eye pop. Nevertheless, if you are really into a dramatic effect for your eyes, try plum and purple shades. Try it and you will be happy with the results.

Your mascara should be dark brown. A natural brown color will not highlight your green eyes. The dark shade will focus on them. Note that when you wear your eye makeup, make sure that it is not heavy.

Else, the shades of your eye makeup will overshadow the attention to your green eyes. Your intention is to highlight your green eyes and not your eye shadow or mascara. Have a minimal amount of makeup, including your blush-on and lipstick.

Further, to brighten your green eyes, try using light and bright shades of eye shadow within the corners of your eyes to make it more awake and lively.

Now that you already know some tips to highlight your rare, attractive green eyes, it is time to show them off by using the tips that I have mentioned. You can always experiment and see the different effects on your look with different color combinations and themes.

Enjoy your beauty sessions and be proud to have those green eyes!